I kinda find it funny that I’m thankful for phones, but I really am. I love that the verse to go with the “Family” prompt was the commandment to honor your father and mother. This came the day after I had just talked to my mom. I so treasure talking to her and I’m so thankful that we have a good relationship. I wish we lived closer, but am so very thankful for phones so that I can at least visit with her even miles away. I’m so blessed to have grown up in a Christian home and grow up with that example as my husband and I raise our own kids and hope and pray that our kids become adults who love God as much as they do now.

2015 has also been a year of finding who I am in Christ. Finding out who God created me and gifted me to be. I’m so very thankful for the friends and family who have pointed them out to me and helped me to grow in my faith and passion. I’m just so blessed to be surrounded  by women who love Jesus and inspire me to live the life God created me to do.



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  1. Janel 8 years ago

    Soon good Heather!!

  2. lauren kropf 8 years ago

    I have the journal now. I an not getting the newsletter emails? I know I am on the email list? Can you help?

    • Bekah 8 years ago

      Lauren, hopefully you’ve already found an answer to your question, but just in case… you can sign up for the newsletter from the Home page right here on the blog! Happy documenting!!

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