Happy Friday!! Thank you so much for stopping by today! On the podcast I take a couple calls from YOU GUYS!!!! You always have the best questions and comments so these shows turn out to be some of my favorites (because you all rock!!).

For this show we hear from Grace who has a question about keeping bible journaling focused on the REAL REASON and not getting wrapped up in the PRODUCT or what our page will look like at the end. Raise your hand if you can relate? Let’s be honest, we have ALL been there! But the truth is the moment you feel yourself doing that we really need to set it all down and pray, get back to the HEART of the matter, Jesus Christ!! Amen! :) But seriously I share my process for this, some of my truth’s and a story from a recent workshop and a frustrated bible journaler!!

Grace I would encourage you to check out the new starter kit. It has a few simple tools but I actually think the devotion workbook in here will really help you work through some ways to really dig into the word! I know it is a bit more expensive then the other items so maybe a good Christmas wish list item! Also please use code SHINEHISLIGHT to save $20 off orders of $60 or more!



We also get to hear from Sally who asks WHERE in the WORLD am I to find the time for this! Honestly I think this is the #1 question I get about bible journaling and there are some hard truths I share here so be prepared, and remember it is all said with GREAT LOVE!!!! Truth beyond truth ALL of our time belongs to Him, so we need to make sure to remember that and not allow the glorification of busy to take over our days! Again I guess I was just in an honest mood here but I get real honest real quick! I hope there is some grace for me in all this! And Sally I hope you know that I TOTALLY get what you are saying, and I hope you hear my heart and find that time to spend with HIM! xox


In the show I share with Sally how I like to work through our monthly devotional kits with rails: rules or guidelines I set up for myself for my entries through that devotional or monthly kit! This month is all about documenting our gratitude, each day has a prompt that you are supposed to write down or document your gratitudes for. For me it is so much easier to have a daily project if I have something that ties between all the entries, I also love when I am looking through my bible later and I can tell that these 30 entries all relate!! So fun!!! When I am bible journaling through this month I know I will always have the “cultivate a thankful heart” stamp on each entry along with the washi tape along the edge (seriously how cute is that fall washi!?! #allthehearteyes ) the rest I can allow the prompt and my time in worship to inspire that! For this entry I used the GRACE stamp as my prompt and then just wrote where I was thankful for grace under each one, along with the stamps and add a little color and I am done! Seriously this whole process MAYBE took 15 mins! Stamps are a girl’s best friend!!! But as I share in the podcast, I started that morning with prayer and gratitude for His grace and this was just taking a couple mins to document what He has laid on my heart. I hope this helps and again please feel free to ask more questions, I LOVE hearing from you!


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Thank you so much!! xox Shanna Noel


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