Happy Monday!! Before I get started I wanted to THANK YOU AGAIN for all your KIND words surrounding my Journaling Bible series. You have brought tears to my eyes with the stories you are telling me, I just can’t express enough… keep reaching out ,… keep telling your stories … you are an amazing community and I adore you!

 Yesterday was Palm Sunday, and at our church that meant a family service complete with one of the cutest (ok ….her Mom thinks SO!) little 7 year old leading us in worship. I love family services and experiencing the service with my children. Since I had a happy little 7 year old snuggling me during the sermon I decided to soak that in and not take notes today. So I came home with an empty bible and empty sermon notes.

When this happens I usually take the overall theme, or highlight some of the word that really stood out to me. But today there was one thing that Pastor Chris said that really spoke to me. It was about perspective and how we need to look at other view points. This stood out to me because Katherine and I were just talking about this during the week. So how “odd” for those exact same words to come up during the sermon. I think looking at different situations from other’s perspectives is amazingly important in relationships. It brings you to pause and think about your relationships and where you can improve. 
I decided that since I had not taken notes, I would take the main point I took away from today as a title, and use allpha stickers to make a statement on the page. I made sure to keep the sermon notes even thought I hadn’t use them because the had the bible verse Chris spoke about today, and I also use it to doodle out any words I may be using in my title work. 
I wanted to use this large sticker at the bottom of my title but I didn’t want the green leaf to cover the text in the bible. It is important to me that I can still read all the words. So I place a piece of cardstock just under the leaf section and then fussy cut around the sticker. This way the flower part I could use as a regular sticker but the leaf would be able to flip up and down if you needed to read the text under it. 
And that was it! I added a little splash of Mister Huey and called it done! Another week, another sermon!
Remember if you want to share your images from your bible on my blog please let me know! :) 

  1. Lauren Taylor 7 years ago

    I love this. I bought this bible and I’m excited to make it my own. I’m a big fan of praying in color since I can have a hard time calling down to focus. I think this will be an amazing journey for me as I’ve been longing for a way to connect and hear God more clearly. Thank you SO much for sharing. I’ll share when I get started!


  2. <3 Sierra 7 years ago

    LOVE this! Thank you so much for having the courage to share! It is so inspiring to me and I can’t wait to get to work on my own Bible! :)

  3. Tori Bissell 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing Shannon! I love this post! It’s so pretty and I like the idea of using Mr. Huey to add a little splash of colour. I’m still waiting for my new Bible to come. But I look lots of notes and have been thinking more about what we spoke about on Sunday throughout the week because of your inspiration. I love that this is helping me think about what I learn on Sunday throughout the week, not just on Sundays. I’m in two Bible Studies (one on Matthew and one on the Holy Spirit) and I’m also in a Sunday School class on Acts right now. I just love how Scripture is coming alive for me! I love digging into the word and I am so amazed at how God is using all 4 of these things (the sermon, the sunday school class, and the two Bible studies) to really speak to my heart. And then I come on here and see your post and it speaks to my heart too. I’ve really been scared almost to dig into and learn about the Holy Spirit because it’s sometimes hard to explain – your share this week was just what I needed to hear – THANK YOU! How awesome that I don’t need to be afraid…that God can use his scripture and the Spirit to comfort my heart. You’re such a blessing!

    If you wouldn’t mind – what passage of scripture was the sermon on? I’d like to read along with you.

    • Shanna Noel 7 years ago

      Thank you so much! It is messages like this that encourage me to share so seriously… THANK YOU!!! WE were working through Colossians 1&2 talking about Palms Sunday <3 xoxoxo

  4. Adel Otto 7 years ago

    Thanks again, Shannon for the inspiration to listen to the word and to meditate on it.

  5. Kate Ware 7 years ago

    Can I ask what stamping ink you use, so it doesn’t bleed through the page? I just got this bible, and am so excited to start doing this!!

    • Shanna Noel 7 years ago

      I use Staz-ON. You can “see” it through the other side just as you can see the text on the page but it doesn’t BLEED through does that make sense? Good luck!!
      (You can find the ink here http://tinyurl.com/mkqsrgp ) :)

  6. THcreates 7 years ago

    I am just intrigued by your Bible art journaling project. Some would say it is wrong to use a Bible in that way, but as I have always underlined & made notes in my Bibles (how many do I have?….seeing that I buy a new one every year @ camp meeting I couldn’t say!!) I feel an “embellished artful” Bible is a blessing to the one creating it. No one else needs to worry about it as it isn’t hurting them…right?! Please keep sharing & maybe you’ll see me start an artful Bible soon too!

    • Shanna Noel 7 years ago

      Thank you so much! I couldn’t agree more! I think that ANY way we connect to the word is a good one! xoxx

  7. Sherry Boesch 7 years ago

    THcreates, remember how the scribes of old embellished the hand lettered Bibles? Weren’t they a joy to behold! I think that God would be please with most anything that we could do to seriously study His word as long as we don’t let all of the artwork become more important than what we are tying to study/remember. I am super pumped to start this and now I need to get some pens/highlighters/stickers/washi………to work with. My Bible has to be large print, so the pages are thin and I don’t want any bleed thru if possible. Thanks SO MUCH Shanna for sharing this part of your spiritual life with us. I would love to use some of these ideas on my blog (not for profit blog) if it is ok with you?

  8. Linda Neal 7 years ago

    I just love this page you have created, Shanna! Just beautiful! May I ask you for the name of this Bible please? Thank you!

  9. Carrie 7 years ago

    What kind of Bible is shown in the pictures?

  10. Kelly 6 years ago

    Question! What type of journaling bible is this?

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