Hi there! I hope you are are having a wonderful week!!! I want to just be honest with you (always) as we journey through this process together. Yesterday I went to do a process video and I was SOOOOO tired.  I just could use a day of snuggling on the couch with my little watching old movies. But I knew I wanted to have a video up for today since I have missed a couple weeks. I started out with very low energy but I think you can see as the video goes on that being in the word and being creative just gives me energy. When the video was done I cleaned the whole craft studio and got all organized for my up coming retreat (then I snuggled on the couch with the girls ha!). So I just wanted to encourage you, even when you “aren’t feeling it” just give it 15 mins, and maybe you will feel differently! Now this is one of my favorite pages!!!

I struggled a lot with the upper left hand corner (if I would LEARN to just WAIT!!!! :) ) I ended up using a fabric tab to help just cover that up and I LOVE how it turned out!


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Thank you so much, I hope you allow God to set those BIG DREAMS on fire for you today!!

xox Shanna

  1. Darla DH 8 years ago

    Just watched your video….oh to be as artistic as you are!! Really fun watching you work. I’m curious….how much did those pages bleed through?

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Thank you Darla! The liquitex doesn’t bleed through at alL! The only time I really experience bleed through with paint is the watercolors.

  2. Bri 8 years ago

    I loved this video! I have never seen this done, so it was really fun to watch how you create your work. I have a question… Can you give us a peek into the prayer journals you keep for your girls? I have two daughters that I would love to do something like that for. I guess I’m just curious what all you do for those.

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Oh yes! I meant to mention that! I plan on posting more about those soon as well!

  3. janel 8 years ago

    wow wow wow!! This is soooo good Shanna! I love how we can see how getting in the word lifted your spirits too! so cool

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Thank you Janel!!! It really is amazing what using GODS gifts can do to your spirits isn’t it?

  4. Michelle 8 years ago

    Thank you for posting this! I have only done drawing and print outs (from your site) in my jouraling bible. Watching this just might give me enough courage to step out of my comfort zone and do a little something like this.

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      YAY!!! I hope you will share, I can’t wait to see! :)

  5. Frances 8 years ago

    Love when you do process videos!! You make it look effortless!! Love how it turned out!! Take care!!

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Thank you so much Frances! xox

  6. Dani Knox 8 years ago

    Shanna!!! Love, Love, Love!!!! Beautiful as always. Thank you so much for posting this. Your process videos are my FAVORITE!! Heather should do a process video with her gelli plate. :) and I agree about the sneak peak of your prayer journal:) LOVE your sweet spirit and glimpsing your walk with God. Keep rocking it girl!!! <3

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Thank you Dani!!! Oh yes you are RIGHT I would love for Heather to do a process video with that!! AMAZING idea!

  7. Mary Higgins 8 years ago

    You are so inspiring! isn’t it great that its ok to mess up? Sometimes my best works come out of the messiest, craziest, imperfect attempts. I, too am dreaming some big dreams. What scripture did your pastor use for his reference? Or which one were you using in this video? Thanks!

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Sorry! It’s Romans 12:2 :) Thank you!!! xoxo

  8. Dee tollaksen 8 years ago

    Thanks so much for inviting us into your fun and messy process! Very freeing, to experience your successes and not so much what was expected results, as well! That top left corner finally came around to be lovely! And your Stazon pad can be re-inked, you should keep that flimsy plastic lid inside the cover too, to extend it’s life.

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Oh thanks for the tips Dee!!

  9. Laura 8 years ago

    loved watching this! I am still dabbling in this but so far I am having a blast. I seem to do a page every Sunday night after a church serve. Like you I take a journal to church and like to take notes etc. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Thank you Laura! I hope you enjoy this journey! <3

  10. Sami 8 years ago

    This is a great video!! PLEASE MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!! These are a huge help and I love them!

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