Welcome back!  It’s day no. 2 of the Illustrated Faith reveals with our new brand (read yesterday’s brand announcement here)! The Genesis Kit is the debut consumer kit from Bella Blvd & Illustrated Faith. Starting Monday, May 18th anyone can purchase The Genesis Kit directly from Bella’s newly updated website!  They are working around the clock redesigning their website just in time for this exciting launch! Please note, you will pre-order the kit, which are scheduled to begin shipping July 1st.

Today we’re revealing the three items falling into the Genesis Kit’s Tool category! First up is the You Rule Bible Mat!


By slipping the mat under your page of focus it quickly becomes three tools in one: a page protector, a stable surface for illustrating and a ruler. The convenient ruler lines up in your two inch margins making it easy to plan word art, stamp & take notes. From paint and mists to stamps and pens, whatever medium is your favorite, remember…you rule!”


Next up, the .35 Precision Pen is the most important tool in the process! Aren’t you glad we’ve taken the challenge of finding the perfect pen out of the equation for you?!  It’s the perfect everyday essential for illustrating your faith!!!


And last but not least, is a fashionable piece to carry all of your Illustrated Faith products and tools inside. Introducing the Get It Together Zipper Pouch:


Designed to hold the entire Genesis collection release, this zipper pouch perfectly stashes the goodies so you’re ready to hit the road at any time! Don’t forget to bring along your Bible! ☺ Create more awareness and curiosity about Illustrated Faith and what Bible Journaling is all about by carrying your supplies around in this adorable cotton pouch. You never know who might stop to ask what you’re working on!


The pouch size is approx. 12.5×8.5”. And comes with an adorable polkadot inside, check it out!

One of each of these tools will be included in The Genesis Kit for sale on Monday morning!

Heather is back today to show us how she is using some of these tools along with the other goodies that come in the Genesis kit!

Hey there, Heather here again to share more of my planner with you. Yesterday I shared how I used the tab stickers to make the dividers in my planner and today I’m sharing how I’m decorating some of them using the rest of the 5″x7″ sticker sheets and also using the Illustrated Faith pen to doodle and outline. I love how it doesn’t clog when writing over dry paint. I love to outline stickers to make them really pop out too.
For my first divider which is for Bible study notes, I added in some of the fun “wordfetti white” stickers, a “label it” sticker, and a “Say It – Black & White” sentiment over the label. I also added a heart from the “Love It” stickers.
Facing the divider, I’ve added in a 3″x4″ journaling card with one of the banners from the “Banners” sticker sheet. I love creating little art journal inserts with little reminders of God’s truth and the stickers make it so easy to create these little reminders. I added a little paint in the corner and then added the stickers and used the awesome pen to doodle and outline around the stickers to make them stand out.
I did the same thing on the card facing the “prayer” divider. I trimmed and hole punched a 4″x6″ journaling card, painted the card, then decorated it using more of the 5″x7″ sticker sheets to add a sentiment. I used tab stickers and word stickers. I trimmed a 3″x4″ journal card for the word “love. I then painted the “Big & Bold Hey Sugar Sugar” alphabet stickers, just the “H”, “I”, and “M” and added them on top of the card. I then added the tab sticker, “wordfetti black” stickers, and the “Say It – Black & White” sticker. Lastly, I used the pen to doodle and outline the stickers to make them pop out.
This last divider I really wanted to highlight “count your blessings” so I strategically placed the stickers on the back side to cover those words and added an arrow to the front side to really point it out.
Here’s a photo of what it looks like from the back side with the 5″x7″ stickers I used.
Lastly, I wanted to share how brilliant I think the mat is. I’ve been using it not just in my Bible but other craft projects, like my planner. It’s helped to prevent a mess when painting the journal cards in my planner and am loving how it helps in my Bible too. Even though the Note-Taker’s Bible is taller, it still works perfectly for scraping paint and stamping and giving support behind my page.

Thank you Heather! I just love what you are doing in your planner and bible!!!

Make sure to stop by the Bella Blvd Instagram giveaway for your chance to win the whole kit before you can buy it!

We’ll be back tomorrow with the final reveal, don’t miss it!

xox -Shanna

  1. Ryann 8 years ago

    How much is the full kit going to cost??

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      A full announcement on the kit will be made soon! stay tuned :)

  2. Tami McCullough 8 years ago

    I’m so excited for Monday!!! I can’t wait to pre-order & look forward to getting it in July! These tools are exactly what we need thanks Shanna & Bella Blvd. ! What a blessing for us all.
    Blessings to you,

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Thank you Tami!!! I love your excitement!!

  3. TracieClaiborne 8 years ago

    This is so awesome!!!

  4. CHRISTINE JOPLIN 8 years ago

    This is AWESOME and so INSPIRING! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Casie 8 years ago

    Awesome!!! Love all three items!!!
    Question for heather – the multi colored part on your bible page – how did you do that?

  6. Frances 8 years ago

    not everyone is on instagram. Is there another way to enter the giveaway? I am really excited about the kit etc.

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Hiya, we will be having other giveaways on other platforms in the future :) thank you! xox

  7. Deiga 8 years ago

    Can you buy the pen and the bible rule mat separately?

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Yes of course. We are just doing a pre-sale for the kits at this time but the products will be available to retailers individually :) Thank you for your excitement!!!

      • Tina Riley 8 years ago

        I had the same question. Thanks for the information. Whooo hooo! Are the pen and mat available yet?

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