Today is the first reveal of some new products within The Genesis Kit! As you’ve read inside the Brand Announcement, The Genesis Kit is the debut consumer kit from Bella Blvd & Illustrated Faith. Starting Monday, May 18th anyone can purchase The Genesis Kit directly from our newly updated website


Below is a reveal of all 10 new 5×7” stickers. One of each of these sticker sheets will be included in The Genesis Kit for sale on Monday morning via bellablvd.net. Bella Blvd is working around the clock redesigning their website just in time for this exciting launch! Please note, this kit is a pre-order, they will begin shipping July 1st.

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EEEK!!! So much fun.. RIGHT?!! Stephanie did such an AMAZING job bringing the ideas to life!!

I love products that really get the story started. Maybe you are struggling to start and then you see a sticker that says “Be Brave” and it reminds you of your favorite verse on trusting God and walking out in faith.

These products are not only beautiful, but they are meaningful and will help you document your walk with God.

One of the things I love most about the products that we have created is that you can illustrated your faith beyond the margins of your bible! Heather Greenwood is going to share a bit about how she is using the products in her planner!


Hi guys, Heather here and I’m so excited to share with you my latest project. I have fallen head over heals in LOVE with the current planner trend. I love to have a planner with me for note taking. art journaling, list making and appointment keeping. I have been really feeling the need to have a planner specifically dedicated to my Illustrated Faith note taking. When I received the kit from Bella Blvd and Illustrated Faith, I knew the tab stickers were perfect for adding tabbed dividers to label the sections. I took the dividers that came with the planner to measure the size I needed. I then cut pretty patterned paper to size and stuck the tabs on the edge, easy peasy!
The “love” tab is just a fun decorative insert and I’ll be sharing more about it in the future. The “true” divider is where I write my Bible study notes. Since I’m reading my Bible daily, I wanted it in the front and the top tab. The next divider says “sermon” on it and I’ll be sharing more about those stickers tomorrow, so you get a little sneak peek of more product, tee hee. This is where I keep my sermon notes from Sundays. The last divider uses the “prayer” tab and it’s were I write down prayer requests.
For all of the dividers, I used some of Bella Blvd’s 12″x12″ papers. I also used some of the Invisibles mats for “dashboards”. I’ll be sharing more about my planner in coming posts and can’t wait to share how you can illustrate your faith not just in your Bible but outside of the margins too and specifically in a planner that I carry with me everywhere I go. I have plans for one more section in the back and I can’t wait to share what my plans are for that section, so fun!
Another thing I’ve been doing is going to old Bible entries and adding in tabs that pertain. I’ve always loved that many of the Bible Journaling community does that and wished I had done it too. These stickers make it so easy to add them and easily find scripture to go with a specific topic. I will definitely be adding more tabs to my entries from now on.
Lastly, I just wanted to share with you how much I love the pen. I’ve tested it out… I’ve underlined scripture and it didn’t bleed, then I finger-painted over it and it didn’t smear. I also wrote over dried paint and it didn’t get clogged up. I’m totally in LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
I’m back tomorrow with some more product features, see you soon! – Heather

We’ll be back tomorrow with our second reveal, including tools (and more information on our new favorite pen) you can’t live without!

If you haven’t already entered to win this kit before you can buy it head on over to Bella Blvd’s instagram feed for all the information on how to enter!

See you soon! xox -Shanna

A Note To Retailers from Bella Blvd : “In efforts to reach as many people as possible with this new brand of products, the Genesis Kit will launch through a consumer sale starting next Monday (May 18th) on the Bella Blvd (new & re-designed!) website. However, Bella Blvd will have information for retailers prepared by then (next Monday) to place a pre-order of Illustrated Faith products. Wholesalers will not be ordering the Genesis Kit, but rather the items within the Genesis Kit in bulk (ie. pack of 12 identical stickers, etc.). We strongly encourage retailers to pre-order so that you can be one of the first to receive the products, although they won’t begin shipping until the middle of July. You are not required to pre-pay. As always, we will not charge your card until the product ships! Thank you so much for your excitement and support”
  1. Nancy R. 7 years ago

    Oh! With each new announcement I’m more and more excited! Thank you for bringing great, fun, and beautiful faith-based products to the masses! I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  2. Karen L. 7 years ago

    Can’t wait for these products to be released. Just starting a new Faith Journal and they will be perfect. So hard to find the right products for this type of journal. Thank you so much for starting this product line.

    Bless you
    Karen L.

  3. Lucinde | Lucilight 7 years ago

    It looks beautiful!!! Love the one with the banners and flags :)

  4. Adel 7 years ago

    Wow! These sets are lovely, inspiring and so versatile. Can’t wait.

  5. Beth 7 years ago

    I am so excited for this kit and I can’t wait for the full product reveal. I wish many Blessings on all of you and great success with this. I have entered the contest and I am so keeping my fingers that I win!

  6. Marty 7 years ago

    Love this a million zillion times over. This is so exciting. I can hardly wait until Monday to place my order. I hope they made enough. :)

  7. Kelly 7 years ago

    I think it looks like you have not missed a beat; I love what you have done with this and cannot wait to see it for reals!

  8. Jenny Kozar 7 years ago

    It is hard to believe that I could want this any more then I do already …. and each does gives me another reason!! Bring on the pen!!!

  9. Casie 7 years ago

    First of all … This is AMAZING! And amazing seems like such a lame word but seriously I want to clap and giggle like a teenager seeing how awesome this movement is!
    I can’t believe you were able to hold this secret inside during the retreat!!! Your good ;)
    I LOVE your planner and am a paper planner myself! The idea of listing prayers and sermons notes in your planner is spot on! Can’t wait to see what else you create!
    Love you ladies and your love for God’s word!!!
    Xo Casie

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