Hi there friends!!! I am so excited to be here today sharing with you about what Illustrated Faith is up to! I just got back from Orlando as Illustrated Faith was a part of the International Christian Retailer’s Show!!!!! I was a bit surreal to think that Illustrated Faith was just “born” 10 months ago and here we are today sharing what God is doing in our community with Christian Retailers all around the world!!!!

As we were setting up our booth in the Orlando Convention Center I was just in awe of how all these companies from around the world come together to share what God is doing in their business and how that is impacting our community. I loved working with Stephanie and Robin (from Bella Blvd) on putting this all together. Even though we have been working together as a team since January we have only spent a couple hours together over dinner before this weekend.   But the truth is God knew what HE was doing when He put us together. They are so gifted in areas that I may fall short, it was really fun to see them work, talk, network their way through this event!

I wish I had a million photos to share with you but the truth is we were so busy sharing and chatting we didn’t have time to look at the time let alone take a photo but trust me it was one AMAZING weekend filled with thousand of light bulb moments. I have to admit that when you looked around the show floor ours looked nothing like the others but maybe that was a good thing! We are custom to shows like CHA filled with colors, polka dots and washi and that is exactly what we brought to this show,   we represented our brand well! Stephanie did an amazing job putting together a compelling booth that really shared the heart behind our company, helping creatives connect to the word!

I am leaving this show filled with a pocket full of “new favorite memories” like teaching my new friend Laura to paint in her bible, showing 5 men how to illustrated their faith and watching a church bookstore owner’s eyes POP out of her head as she saw my bible. I wish I had a video of the expression on people’s face as they saw what we were up to. Their excitement is CONTAGIOUS!!!!!

By the third day of the show almost every new face that came in our booth would start off by saying “everyone at the show is talking about this Illustrated Faith so I just had to come see what this is all about” -now I share that with you not because I think it’s about anything we did but this is all GOD my friends! He has sparked something in our culture and I am so excited to see that light bulb moment for so many people over the course of this event!


Thank you again for your support and excitement with this new brand and I look forward to sharing more stories about our next show (with hopefully more photos!!!

x0x – Shanna


  1. Linda in Tennessee 6 years ago

    God is sooooo good! What a fabulous ministry for everyone!

  2. Kristi 6 years ago

    That is so awesome! I am so thankful you all had such an encouraging experience. What you are doing is so encouraging to others! You are really connecting people to the Word in a whole new way. Thank you for what you are doing & keep it up!

  3. Patti Hartman 6 years ago

    What an awesome experience!! I’m so excited that retailers are considering Illustrated Faith for their inventory…what a long way you’ve come in the short time you’ve been sharing your ministry! It’s So exciting to watch your growth! Many Blessings to you for Glorifying God! You’re amazing! <3

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