Hi there friends!! I have been meaning to update you on all the exciting events we have coming up all over the country! I have found that these workshops are some of my favorite things that we do at Illustrated Faith. They are a way to connect to others in our community, grow deeper into the process and ask all those questions you have!!

In the past when I have taught scrapbooking classes (while OH SO MUCH FUN) I always came home super tired from them but since I have been teaching these workshops with Illustrated Faith I come home each night and just jump up and down on the bed so excited to play a tiny role in this AMAZING movement God is leading!!!

I am so thankful to have some WONDERFUL hosts come together to make these workshops possible and I know we are all looking forward to meeting YOU and making new friends! Some of the ladies I have met at these events are now LIFE LONG FRIENDS, there is just something about gathering, praying and creating TOGETHER that creates that amazing bond.

Okay Okay enough of that chitter chatter right?! Let’s talk about where we are going!!!


I have heard over and over again about this adorable store and I am so excited to be able to teach there this SUNDAY!?! I am so excited about how this class came together as I will be in Florida for the Christian Retail show with Bella Blvd and Jann so kindly opened up her sweet store for a little workshop. If you haven’t checked out the whim so doodle website, head on over, it’s ADORABLE!!!


When I was in Indiana last time I met my (new) sweet friend Dawn, she is one of those people who get RIGHT to the heart of the matter and feels like a best friend in a matter of moments. We are so excited to offer a workshop at her church and I hope to see you there! Registration is currently open and you can find more info here. 


Since we are already in the area my friend Michelle was SUPER excited to host a workshop in Bruceville which is about 2 hours south of the city. Michelle is SUPER passionate about this even and we are BOTH excited to meet each and every one of you! To register for this event please visit here and reserve your spot! :)


For those of you that know me, you know I have some major memories in Minnesota! I am super excited to return for a FUN workshop. This workshop is still in the works with details to be announced but if you are in the area – mark your calendars!!


The Little Blue House was the FIRST place I taught Illustrated Faith outside my hometown and where I REALLY fell in love with this community and teaching these classes!!! At the Little Blue House we will not only have our Intro class but we will also have an Art Song class as well as a Prayer Journal class and I seriously CAN NOT WAIT!!!!! Made some amazing friends last time and I can’t wait to reconnect and make new ones as well! For more information visit The Little Blue House.

Whitworth Ranch Retreat copy

While in Texas and visiting my sweet friend Tracy we thought it would be AMAZING to work with Stacy to bring you a WONDERFUL, relazing, rejuvinating, exicting, FULL, retreat!! So many of you wanted to attend our last retreat and weren’t able to, well here is YOUR CHANCE!!! Join us for a few days full of amazing grace, prayer, creative workshops, growth, yummy food, new friends, lots of laughter and a time your WON’T forget (more info coming soon!) there are only a handful of spots left so if you would like to attend I encourage you to head on over to Stacy’s websites for more details!


YAY YAY YAY!!!! I am so excited to teach in Virginia along side my sweet friend Lisa Nichols Hickman (the author of Writing in the Margins) The details coming in already make me so excited to not only teach at this event but just soak it in! It will be an awesome day and I hope to see you there! Registration for this event isn’t open yet, but please save the date if you are interested in attending!


Can I just admit that visiting New Orleans is on my bucket list? You know what else is on my bucket list? Meeting my friend Cori!!!!!! I love her and her life philosophy and I can’t wait to soak her up in person. So when she reached out to me to host an event I jumped ALL OVER it (ok part of me was being very selfish I will admit that now!!) but seriously to add to an already awesome visit on top of all that we get to host WORKSHOPS for Illustrated FAITH!? Life is good!!!!! This event is full of great options to meet your needs – make sure to head over to the registration page for all the information :) 


Of course I am still counting the days until our Alaskan cruise. I have been asked a lot if  this is sold out and the answer is NO, come with us YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!! I can’t wait. I also get asked WHO should go on this cruise. My answer always is ONLY go on this cruise if you have always wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise and having an Illustrated Faith workshop on the “at sea” days is just a bonus! BRING THE FAMILY, Make this a FUN getaway with your love! Whatever the case just think of it as going on an AMAZING cruise with some AWEOME friends :) and during our “at sea” days we will be hanging out, learning, praying, laughing, creating, all the good stuff! I can’t wait to put the kits together for this cruise, I have some fun ideas :) For more information please visit here.

I will list more detailed information as these events approach but for now save your spot and mark your calendars :)

WHEW!!!!!! !It looks like an exciting 2015 if you ask me!!!! If you have any questions or would like to look into hosting an event near you please email me at shannanoel@gmail.com (workshop in the subject line) we are booked up for 2015 but have started book 2016 :)

Thank you so much for all of your excitement and encouragement every step of the way!!

xox – Shanna

  1. Olivia 6 years ago

    Thanks for the workshop information! :D I was wondering if there is a place to register for the St. Petersburg workshop at Whim So Doodle. I checked out the website but didn’t see a place to sign up. I hope I didn’t miss the deadline. Have tons of fun, and thanks so much for doing this! :)

    • Author
      Illustrated Faith 6 years ago

      Hiya there Olivia just call the store, the owner would be happy to register you (shes a sweetie!!!) Cant wait to meet you!

  2. Laura P 6 years ago

    I CANNOT WAIT to hear more about the Minnesota plans. I am hoping that I can attend.

    • Cathy 6 years ago

      Have marked on the calendar and anxiously awaiting more info on the Minneapolis date.

  3. Dolli N 6 years ago

    I am so, so, so excited you will be coming 30 minutes north of me to little Bruceville, IN!!! I can’t wait to meet you and learn from you! See you in Sept!

  4. Jennifer Johnson 6 years ago

    where in Virginia will the workshop be in November?

    • Author
      Illustrated Faith 6 years ago

      Springfield :) Hoping that is close to you!!! xo

      • Kay Kibler 6 years ago

        Springfield??? Not too far from me! Can’t wait to hear more details! I’m new at journaling but love what little I’ve done!

  5. Amy Waddell 6 years ago

    Ummm Savannah? ????

  6. Carina 6 years ago

    What about an webinar, too? Or an webinar on the same time as an existing workshop. Would generate a lot more audience and I’d love to join your workshop, but I’m from germany :/

    • Author
      Illustrated Faith 6 years ago

      That is absolutely on my list for sure but it may need to wait until next year for now, but I do want to make this happen for sure!! Have you had a chance to check out the classes on Big Picture Classes?

  7. annie 6 years ago

    whoa. ive been meaning to cruise alaska and had it boiled down to june of next year and HERE YOU ARE.

  8. Kadie J 6 years ago

    I wish the deposit for the retreat in Texas wasnt so large!! Id love to go to something like that if I could afford it!! Its not everyday you can combine your love for God and crafts into a retreat filled with people that share your passion!! I hope everyone who goes has an amazing time!!

    • Author
      Illustrated Faith 6 years ago

      Hi there Kadie, the little blue house is hosting workshops… which have a lower price point! Both are TONS of fun!!!

  9. Lauren Pareigat 6 years ago

    Minneapolis!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! I’m so excited for this!!!! I’ve only just stumbled upon you in the last month. I’m so inspired!!

  10. Billie 6 years ago

    HI Shanna! Still planning on something in the Pacific Northwest, I hope?? :D

  11. Lavinia 6 years ago

    Any plans for a Northern California workshop in the works?

  12. Monique 6 years ago

    So looking forward to more details about your Virginia event!!! Can’t wait.

  13. Cathy 6 years ago

    Have I missed the registration info for the October in Minneapolis, MN event? I just saw info for one of the November sessions.

  14. Diane Bernath 6 years ago

    Hi – Do you do them in Canada? (Brampton, On)
    Thanks, Diane

  15. Emily 6 years ago

    I am so excited about the Lafayette workshop! Can anyone tell me if we should bring anything?

  16. Lauren Pareigat 6 years ago

    Could you provide information about what supplies are part of the workshop and the extra session (MN)? I’m on a pretty tight budget, so I’m trying to make a decision. Knowing what I might be able to take back home with me would help. Thanks!

  17. Georgia dunne 5 years ago

    Hi Shanna, my sister-in-law and I are trying to sign up for the even on November 7th in Viginia, but the link has is registering for some retreat. Could you lead me in the right direction or a phone number we can call. Please. Thank you:)

  18. Larinda 5 years ago

    LOVE this!!!! Wondering if there will be a workshop in Georgia in 2016???

  19. Annette 5 years ago

    This is such a cool aritstic outlet! I just found out my niece is starting to journal. She is 17 and a real sweetheart. Anything in stone for MN again in 2016 or maybe Milwaukee WI since you work with Stephanie from Bella? She is adorable.

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