Hi there friends!!! Are you a podcast fan? Ya me too! I love listening to them and for months we have been asked to have a podcast for Illustrated Faith! Honestly I wasn’t so sure I had a ton to say, and who would listen? To my surprise when we launched our podcast several months ago the feedback was so sweet and overwhelming! We are super excited to offer another resource for our tribe and the bible journaling community!

We recently moved and that set our podcast of course a bit but we are excited to get back into gear and back to our podcast! Before our next new episode (next week!) I wanted to catch everyone up that hasn’t been following along, or had no idea we even had a podcast!

You can find the full feed here.


Episode 15 Illustrated Faith HamiltonCast Tonya Hamilton has a heart for the Lord that is simply refreshing! When I met Tonya in Texas and she shared with me what God was doing in her life I sat in awe! She has a gift for writing and I am so thankful she is willing to share that… 10/14/2016 Free View in iTunes

Episode 14 Illustrated faith SummitCast Shanna chats with Elise Davis, Ali Pederson and Addison (her youngest daughter) about using your own style in your bible journaling as you illustrate your faith and how to be inspired without allowing it to hinder your creativity.    Check… 8/10/2016 Free View in iTunes

EPISODE 13 The Bella Gals Take OverCast This week Stephanie Smokovich AND Robin turn the tables and interview me….and what an interview it was (OH for #Funtimes) Check out Bella Blvd here: http://www.bellablvd.net/shop/   Follow Stephanie here: … 8/5/2016 Free View in iTunes

Episode 12 Bella Blvd StephanieCast Please welcome this week Stephanie Smokovich  the owner of Bella Blvd and a dear friend!!!!!! You will hear about her journey as a small business owner and how we came together for Illustrated Faith!  Check out Bella Blvd here: … 7/27/2016 Free View in iTunes

Episode 11 Bella RobinCast Please welcome this week Robin Huber one of my favorite ladies (ok I only really know two of them but I love them both so dearly!!!!) from Bella Blvd !!!!!! Come hear her heart, get to know a bit about how Illustrated Faith and Bella Blvd came to be… 7/20/2016 Free View in iTunes

Episode 10: The Cruisecast with special guests Shanna is joined by her husband Jonathan as well as Mike and Hope Beezley from the Illustrated faith Celebrity Sostice Alaskan cruise     Store Hope works at Stamp and Toys in north webster Indiana http://www.stamp-n-toys.com/   Hope’s… 7/14/2016 Free View in iTunes

Episode 9: Special on location Natcast Shanna is interviewing long time friend Natalie Esperanza. Shanna first met Natalie while both of their spouses were stationed at Fort Lewis, WA Their instant connection lead to Natalie and her husband giving their life to Christ. Today they are… 7/7/2016 Free View in iTunes

Episode 8: Finding time for bible Journaling   The Good life Sermon series http://newlifepetaluma.org/index.php   more great things at  https://www.illustratedfaith.com/   monthly Bible Journaling kits  tinyurl.com/if-yes-amen 6/30/2016 Free View in iTunes

Episode 7: The Bobcast where Shanna talks to Dayspring super star Shanna visits Dayspring Headquarters in Arkansas Shanna chats with Bob Perryman VP of Product Development – Greetings & Stationery at DaySpring Cards   http://www.dayspring.com/ https://www.facebook.com/bcfunkyjunk/ illustratedfaith.com … 6/23/2016 Free View in iTunes

Episode 6: Kasey Hope interviews Shanna Noel Please visit www.illustratedfaith.com to learn more about Shanna Noel and bible journaling! We believe in connecting faith and creativity in a personal way, we hope you will join us! 6/16/2016 Free View in iTunes

Episode 5: Getting to know Kasey Hope Kasey Hope is an artist, teacher, and momma. She opened P’zazz Art Studio in 2007. It is there that she dreams, creates, and teaches kids and adults of all ages. Her studio teaches classes, workshops, birthday parties, and more! P’zazz is also proudly… 6/9/2016 Free View in iTunes

Episode 4: Elaine Davis; Print and Pray Shop SUPERSTAR Join Shanna Noel as she interviews her sweet friend Elaine Davis! Elaine is a part of the bible journaling community and inspiration to many! She has recently taken on the challenge of managing the new Print and Pray Shop on the Illustrated Faith… 6/3/2016 Free View in iTunes

Episode 3: How to teach a workshop or start a meet up Shanna Noel shares her experience in teaching bible journaling, some tips and tricks and EXACTLY how to start off on the right foot!   For more information please visit us at illustratedfaith.com 5/27/2016 Free View in iTunes

Episode 2: Shanna Noel shares her testimony To learn more about Shanna’s story as well as all the great things happening in Bible Journaling and Illustrated faith head on over to her website  https://www.illustratedfaith.com/ 5/20/2016 Free View in iTunes

Episode 1: Illustrated Faith Gets a Podcast I have always had a passion for capturing the little details I want to remember 10 years from now . When I discovered paper scrapbooking the summer of 2012 I fell in love with the whole process but it wasn’t until I started using my journaling bible… 5/17/2016 Free View in iTunes


If you have been following along we would love for you to leave us a review on itunes so we can get the word out there about bible journaling and reach more people!

We also have a call in line if you have questions or comments about Illustrated Faith & Bible journaling, we would love to hear from you!!! Call us at (707) 247-5848 and leave a message with your name so we can share on the podcast!

Thank you so much!!

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