Today I thought I would share a quick and easy little DIY prayer journal with you all.  I have a three year old daughter, Amelia, who has really become taken with my journaling Bible.  Amelia is constantly asking to use “the cool slimy things” (gelatos) on my Bible pages.  While I absolutely LOVE her writing in my Bible, she wants to cover; all of them. To combat this problem, yet still encourage her to show her love for Christ in a creative way, I whipped up a little prayer journal for her one night.


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Materials You will Need:

*  double sided tape

*  paper trimmer

*  4 pieces of 12×12 Scrapbook paper in your favorite patterns

*  8 pieces of 8.5×11 printer paper

Extra Supplies for Embellishing:

* Fuji Instax Smartphone Share Printer

*  washi tape

*  alpha stamps (these are my favorite)

*  acrylic block

* Staz On stamp pad

* paint

Step One:  For my prayer journal, I used eight sheets (16 total pages for my book). You can add more or less to your book as to your preference but for this tutorial I am going to base it off using 8 :)

*  Cut 8 pieces of card stock 6″x12″

*  Cut 8 pieces of your white printer paper 6″x11″

2 3 4

Step Two:  Now you are going to tape the inside pages (white papers) into the outer pages (card stock) using your double sided tape.  Make sure that you tape the pages end to end.  This will make the page stand up a bit since the inner piece is shorter than the outer piece.

5 6

Step Three:  Close each of the pages and stack them on top of each other in the order that you would like them to be in your book.  Make sure that you place your favorite one on top for the cover!  You will be using the double sided tape to tape each page on top of the other. 

7Step Four:  Now you can see why we call it a star book :)  This makes it cute and fun to display as well.


Step Five:  Here comes the fun part!  It is now time to embellish the cover of your Prayer Journal :)  You can obviously do this however you like, but here is a little glimpse at how I decorated mine.

You can add some scraps and washi tape:


You can stamp on a little sentiment with your stamps:


I even added a little Instax photo of the sweet little girls that I made these for:


Step Six:  Now you can go on to the inside of your journal. Again, you can decorate this however you would like.  I decided to add some paint and doodles on the inside pages of my daughters.  I also added some photos.  I started my journal with a prayer for Amelia and each day since I have written down her oh so precious prayers that she has prayed each night.  For older kiddos, they can write in it themselves.  It all depends on what you are using your Prayer Journal for!!

12 13

And here you go!

Now you have a sweet, personal gift for yourself or someone else; a nice little place to share your love for God and document it. Enjoy!

  1. Tamara C 6 years ago

    Love this Janel!!!!

  2. Stephanie Baxter 6 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous! And what a sweetie you have :)

  3. Kate Moala 6 years ago

    I love this!! What a great idea… could be done for young ones up to tweens and teens… even as beautiful gifts for adults….
    Thanks for this great walkthrough in how to make it!


  4. Jean McNulty 6 years ago

    Love this…I had to go make one:)

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