hybrid mixed media art journaling Bible entry by Elaine Davis | Seeing the Bigger Picture in Moments of Anger | Proverbs 29

Everyone has things about themselves that they’d rather not draw attention to or admit. Everyone. Maybe it’s a bad habit you only do behind closed doors, a regret you have from years past, or a personality trait that’s always been a part of you. You’re not alone. We all have something & we’re carrying them around with us. We pack them away in metaphorical suitcases to lug them around so no one can see what’s inside. Much of my life I’m more than willing to share because I’m proud of the adult I’ve become! But like anyone, I have a few heavy ugly brown suitcases weighing me down that you just don’t want to look inside.

Let’s take a quick detour & talk about transparency on social media. I try very hard to be an authentic individual online. Because of the nature of my work, It’s important for me to be open & willing to share my story & faith journey with others. I feel called to live that way. So transparency is usually what you’ll get. But one of my character traits that doesn’t usually make an appearance in my Instagram photos is what you can find in that big ugly brown suitcase.

hybrid mixed media art journaling Bible entry by Elaine Davis | Seeing the Bigger Picture in Moments of Anger | Proverbs 29

I have a temper. I’m quick to anger, especially when the situation is unfair or unjust. I’m an assertive person, so I’m not afraid to stand up for myself or for others. But sometimes it’s goes around the wheel from assertive ALL THE WAY around to angry spit-fire. I’m also a stickler for the rules generally speaking, which tends to make me unpopular with calm, relaxed people.

Often times after a situation where I get angry, I feel ashamed of myself. I don’t feel bad about my reasoning BEHIND the anger, I just wish I could handle things more calmly. 3 days ago I had an argument with a family member, & looking back on it I know that’s not how a Christian should act. Through all of the scripture-reading I do & all of the time I spend with God, why haven’t I been able to master getting my temper under control? It’s embarrassing for me to even share this online, because that’s not how I want people to see me, but it’s important to lay your shortcomings at the cross. Admitting that we recognize an issue in our ways is step #1.

hybrid mixed media art journaling Bible entry by Elaine Davis | Seeing the Bigger Picture in Moments of Anger | Proverbs 29

I found 2 verses from Proverbs (on the same page!) that share similar messages:

“A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back” -Proverbs 29:11

“A man of wrath stirs up strife, & one given to anger causes much transgression.” -Proverbs 29:22

Turns out this message is seen over & over in Proverbs. It’s repeated so many times because the Lord wants us to take stock of our actions & how we’re representing Him, our King! He wants us to see the bigger picture. That one moment of anger isn’t worth the stress & negative actions. We’ll be His beloved children eternally, so one argument is a tiny drop in an ocean. So after reflecting on that argument from 3 days ago, I prayed:

Dear Lord, why do I still struggle with anger? I can’t seem to get my temper under control, especially when something is unfair. I want to be the person that can refrain from bursting out my outrage & not take things too personally. It’s one of my greatest shortcomings. I wish I could become a more peace-filled, self-assured person without becoming a pushover. Lord, will you instill in me a sense of peace & help me to see the bigger picture in moments of anger? Amen.

hybrid mixed media art journaling Bible entry by Elaine Davis | Seeing the Bigger Picture in Moments of Anger | Proverbs 29

He will work on it with you. He will take your baggage & help you carry it. We all fall short of the glory of God, but He will hold your hand & work on it with you. The Lord already sees the bigger picture. The WHOLE picture. And He will work on it with you while you wait to see what He sees. :) Just lay it at the cross. That’s where the bigger picture begins.

What are you carrying with you? What do you want to work on? The first step is getting it out there & asking Him for help!

<3 Elaine

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  1. Laura Svee 4 years ago

    Beautifully honest. Thank you. This really hit home for me because I have that same big ugly brown suitcase. Along with many others. ?
    I will now be much more aware of how my response to situations is actually a direct reflection on our Father in heaven. Ouch! Why did I never see that? By you being transparent, you’ve already helped just one of us. I will be leaving all of my anger (whether I see it as “justified” or not) at the cross. I do not want to be walking around behaving in such a way that shines negatively on the One I want to shine for.
    Great stuff! Thank you again, Elaine. Here’s to hopefully having 1 less ugly suitcase to drag around.

  2. Yesenia Ortega 4 years ago

    So Happy to read this I’ve been struggling with this my entire life and I love the way GOD takes time to remind me that I am not alone and that he is helping me. Love Love this Elaine. Thank you!! be blessed

  3. Juanita Brooks 4 years ago

    Hello Elaine, I also carry that ugly suitcase around from to time. I have had situations where I was a 100% corrected but I got so offended that all anyone saw was my bad behavior. I have a good book I refer to often by Lysa Terkeuast, Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions. It has really help me, think before I react. I also try to remember God mercy, love, and forgiveness to us. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Heidi Petterson 4 years ago

    I am reading a book by Gary Chapman on anger as I have begun to struggle with it in the last 5 years or so. It can be really frustrating when it’s something you didn’t struggle with before and then shows up. I’m growing in my walk with Jesus so why would a negative trait show up in the midst of that?? The book has been helpful because it breaks down the psychology behind anger & what the Bible talks about regarding anger. I might have to check out Unglued, as well.

    • Sheryl Musslewhite 4 years ago

      Hi Audrey, what is the name of the book by Gary Chapman if you don’t mind sharing? I really like his books, would love or rather “need” to check it out! Definitely going to get Lysa TerKeurst’s book “Unglued” as well, we can never have to much guidance along with the Bible!
      I too struggle with anger, but never use to years ago, in fact, I was on the other end of the spectrum, I use to let everyone walk all over me, like I had a neon sign flashing on my forehead, here I am , walk all over me! Unfortunately, I’ve now gone to the other end of the spectrum and really lose my cool just like Elaine describes, especially if it’s something I believe wholeheartedly to be the truth. Now to just find that happy medium to not be to far on either side of the spectrum and still be pleasing to God.
      Thanks Elaine for being so transparent, we all have baggage, that’s for sure!
      God’s blessings to you all!

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