Hi there! Welcome! I wanted to just take a moment and say a couple things before we get started today! First, thank you so much for ALL of your excitement!!! Second, we have a lot of product driven posts here and I wanted to assure you that we know the REAL reason behind all this is to dig into the word, no matter HOW you do that! You don’t NEED any of these tools to dive into your bible. We get a lot of questions about the tools we are using, and that is what leads to these articles! To hear more on my heart on the matter make sure to check out this post: how illustrating my faith has changed my relationship with Jesus.


One of my favorite craft obsessions is washi tape. Oh how I love it!! So many colors, patterns and uses!! One of the ways I love to use it is in the margins of my bible. Because this is a thin item it’s perfect for the pages in our bible!! Recently I used some of my favorite washi tapes and just lined the margin with them making it the perfect place to add my journaling.

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Washi Supplies (most of the washi I have on hand is from Studio Calico kits and is no longer available, but I wanted to link you up to some of my favorite washi tape available on amazon! The following amazon links are affiliate links which means any purchases you make I will receive a small percentage of. We use the money from amazon to keep this website up to date or you, so THANK you!!!! xox )

Rainbow Washi  | Martha Stewart Festive Washi Tape   | Chevron & Stripes Washi  | Pretty Pink Washi | Washi Sheets In A Cute Tin  | Chalkboard Washi | Cute Camera Washi Dispenser  | Neon washi!!!! 


Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday! – xo Shanna

  1. Kimberly E. 9 years ago

    Good Morning Shanna! Love the washi tape in the margin idea. I think this is a great way to start for those of us who may be a little “timid” with wet media. I am so glad that you used those HUGE stickers. I have some and I thought they would be too big to fit and now I know they won’t. As always, thanks so much for caring and sharing. Hugs!

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 9 years ago

      thank you Kimberly! Yes washi is the PERFECT medium!!!! I agree ;)

  2. Tai Bender 9 years ago

    Love this one!

  3. Jeanette in Illinois 9 years ago

    Hi Shanna!
    First, I want to say, Thank YOU!!! for the commitment to this glorious effort, your passion for the Bible and sharing so much with everyone!
    I am blessed to watch all of this unfold and participate!
    I can’t wait for the Devotionals and stamps to be replenished, just another way to be present in His word and connect with others.
    Sending blessings, hugs and love!

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 9 years ago

      Thank you so much Jeanette, it’s amazing to see what God is doing through this!!!! xoxo

  4. ToriBissell 9 years ago

    Oh I love using washi tape in my journaling Bible. Its also a great idea if the back of a page has some bleed through from the front.

  5. stephanie 9 years ago

    where did you get that pantone washi tape? the one with the different shades of red/pink?

  6. I love how you layered it. Thanks for posting these tutorials because some of us don’t come up with these ideas on our own!!!

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 9 years ago

      Of course! You are welcome MAry! xo

  7. Krista 9 years ago

    Hello! I am trying to find a journaling bible that doesn’t have ruled margins. I live in Canada and all the ones I can see on amazon.ca have lines in the margin…..help! haha

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 9 years ago

      Hi there! My bible has lines too, they are SUPER faint (in the pictures on line they look a lot darker than they are in real life :) Hope that helps!

  8. Terry 9 years ago

    most of my Bible journaling is actually text that I am writing as part of my Bible study. Hence my pages are full of text. I like to use washi tape to frame around those text boxes. Thin washi tape is great for that, I will cut some of my washi tape thinner at times.
    I also like to use the washi tape to make tabs along the top of the page. These reflect special thoughts on the page so I can return to them at other times. They are colorful and flexible, which is good for delicate paper

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 9 years ago

      I love that thank you so much for sharing Terry! xox

  9. Christal 9 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this. I was a wee bit intimidated about painting or using a lot of inks in my bible. I think I can do this! I am loving Washi Taps! I also loved the layering! I have a few rolls but now I can see that I need like a million more! ;)

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 9 years ago

      Oh good!!! I am so glad you loved it!!! xox

  10. Helen Gullett 9 years ago

    I love washi tapes and have been collecting them … now I can used them on my Journaling Bible. Thank you so much for the tips :)

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 9 years ago

      Of course! so glad you are excited about it! xox

  11. Jacqui Smith 9 years ago

    Love the use of wash tape here. I just wondered what suggestions you have for which pens work best for writing on wash tape?

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 9 years ago

      Actually if I were writing on washi, I would use Sharpie :)

  12. Jacqui Smith 9 years ago

    Sorry, washi tape. I was auto corrected :(

  13. Tonya Andrews 9 years ago

    I absolutely love your washi tape post! I’m also thankful for your comments regarding the use of Sharpie on washi. I’ve tried to use my PITT pens on it, and they just wipe off. Sharpie is a staple in my journals, looks like I’ll be adding one to my Bible supplies when using washi. Thanks Again! I’d love to share your post on my blog if that’s ok.

  14. Sara 8 years ago

    Where did you get your letters?

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