hybrid Bible journaling with your husband by Elaine Davis

If you’re an avid fan of the Illustrated Faith Print & Pray Shop, you might know that our artist Leah Schumacher has started monthly releases of digital products for men with the Illustrated Faith Dudes collection! These sets are designed to encourage our community to include their husbands, sons, brothers, & friends in on their art worship! Leah’s newest Illustrated Faith Dudes set, Building His Kingdom, released today! So I brought a special guest to help demonstrate this awesome collection: my husband Ian! (Isn’t he cute!?) :)

hybrid Bible journaling with your husband by Elaine Davis

When I sat down to bible journal with him, I decided to pull some key products so that there weren’t so many choices for him. If someone isn’t a paper crafter or bible journaler, all the goodies can seem so overwhelming! I used the Building His Kingdom set to inspire the color palette & pulled coordinating products that matched the set.

hybrid Bible journaling with your husband by Elaine Davis

Ian chose the scripture to journal from the “Read Up!” segment on the Building His Kingdom document. It’s a little bank of suggested scriptures provided for each set. He read through all the suggested passages & chose the one that spoke to him the most: 2 Timothy 2:14-26. This passage is all about working hard in the name of the Lord & resisting interacting with others that are acting in ungodly ways!

hybrid Bible journaling with your husband by Elaine Davis

Watching Ian express his heart in my Bible made MY heart want to explode! I just had such a wave of affection, adoration, & respect for him seeing him step out of his comfort zone for this project! He’s a creative person; he does wood burning, model cars, & some pastel art, but this was extra special. I just let him do the page completely on his own with no artistic suggestions (which was really hard for me!) & I created a corresponding tip-in with my own reaction to the scripture.

hybrid Bible journaling with your husband by Elaine Davis

As we were working on our pages, I said to him: “I’m having so much fun! I wish we would do this more often!” And he replied: “Well you’re in luck because I think I WANT to do this more often!” As we were working, we decided as a couple that we would sit down to bible journal TOGETHER once a month when the Illustrated Faith Dudes set releases. :)

hybrid Bible journaling with your husband by Elaine Davis

Ian doing the Bible page & me creating a tip-in page allowed our pages to face each other in the Bible, side by side. I just love that! I’ve flipped open my bible about 10 times since we created them to see our art side by side. There’s just something amazing about connecting with your spouse this way!

hybrid Bible journaling with your husband by Elaine Davis

I encourage EVERYONE in this awesome community to take some time to connect with your spouse or boyfriend or son or brother or ANYONE over bible journaling. Pull out some supplies, bring a snack, & just enjoy each other’s company while you create for the Lord! It’s such a great way to share your gifts & create lasting art together that you can revisit again & again. Through trying it out, you might find out like I did that he wants to do it more & develop a standing bible journaling date. :)

Please comment & give my hubby Ian some love for his very first bible page! I’m SO proud & SO excited to strengthen our marriage through bible journaling together each month! I’m truly a lucky girl. :)

<3 Elaine

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  1. Leah Schumacher 7 years ago

    My heart, my heart, my heart.
    Ian, you’re AWESOME. Thank you for rocking it out and I’m so excited that you want to continue. I hope you see more of Elaine’s heart by journaling WITH her.
    Elaine, my heart is bursting for y’all. Sooooo excited to see you two connect like this. Treasure it, girly, it’s so dang special.

  2. Kim Barclay 7 years ago

    What a blessing! Ian did an amazing job, true talent!

  3. Heather 7 years ago

    So much ❤️ For this Elaine!!! Thanks for sharing! Ryan and I may just have to set a journaling date too! It’s been a couple of years since we were able to go on a no-kids date so maybe we can go on one and journal once the kids are in bed one night. Thanks so much for sharing and for making something for the “dudes” in our lives!

  4. Lisa 7 years ago

    oh wow. this is such an amazing thing. i cant wait to see more of IF Dudes. this sweet man of yours did amazingly well. im so proud of you guys. what a great way to worship together and to study. this makes me SOOOOOO happy and excited!!! well dont you guys!!!! <3 much love!!!!

  5. Carla Jennings 7 years ago

    this is awesome!

  6. Gayle 7 years ago

    This is a great way to be in God’s Word together. The fact that Ian was willing to join you in something you love, is in itself an act of love!

  7. Evalena Baggett 7 years ago

    I am still trying to work my daily bible journaling into my life. We are middle age , and almost empty nesters and my husband is SO SUPPORTIVE we have been married 22 years and ARE STILL SO BLESSED TO BE OLDER AND YET NEW AGAIN. It’s only by Gods Grace. We pray together every morning and every night. He has prayed me through many tough health issues. We have raised five children and have five grandchildren. So for him to get interested enough to know TERMS SUCH AS (Tabbies) and ( ALPHAS) and buy my washi tape when he is out on his own is precious. He watched the video that Ian was doing the voice over and saw this post with me AND HE IS ABSOLUTELY WILLING AND EXCITED TO DO THE MONTHLY GUY KIT.
    Thank You, Stacie

  8. Barbara Maynard 3 years ago

    WOW!! For a first page I am seriously impressed Ian! This is definitely something I need to suggest to my Hubby – also Ian – as we keep saying we want to start a bible study together. This would be a great way for us to get started. Thank you so much for stepping out of your comfort zone Ian, and I’m so glad that you’ve also been bitten by the bug lol

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