mixed media bible art journaling process video by Shanna Noel using the Rise Up! Devotional Kit

Hey there cuties!! So glad to be back and with a new bible journaling kit!! YAEAY!! I was in South Africa teaching with some AMAZING women, loving on them, learning from them, watching God work in HUGE ways! I feel so blessed to get to experience these workshops – most of the time I feel like I get to just sit back and watch Him work, and there is nothing more beautiful.


Yes, there is a but….

Sometimes when I return from these HUGE ON TOP OF THE WORLD WOW GOD moments, I crash a little when I get home. I wish I could say I had a graceful return and could just sit in the glory of what Jesus has done, but friends.. it’s just not that easy for me all the time. It’s almost like that feeling after an amazing WONDERFUL wedding, planning all the beautiful details, watching the day come together perfectly, and in awe of it aw, only to have it be over, to be tired, overwhelmed with emotion and truth be told… just kinda blah.

Have you ever felt like that? Yeah, I didn’t think I was alone there… thanks for being the kinda friend who always GETS IT! You are seriously the best :)

Thankfully I returned home to Rise Up. RISE UP! WOW God. How perfectly timed (always, He always does this, when oh when will I learn?) I wish I could say I was forward thinking enough to have this perfectly planned but anyone of you that know me well are already laughing. I can hear you from here friends! :) The fact is NOTHING is more perfect than His timing. Nothing – and He shows me that time and time again.

mixed media bible art journaling process video by Shanna Noel using the Rise Up! Devotional Kit

I wanted to share my thoughts and process through Day 2 of the devotional. You can see my journal entry from day 1 on my instagram here :)


I love DEARLY how Kristen shares on Day 2. So much of what she says sits right on my heart and makes me think, ponder, want to dig deeper and that is exactly what we should want from learning. Not to just take a nugget and take it for face value, but always want to dig, learn and grow from it! 

A changed heart is the only testimony worth having! 
Join Us For Rise Up!

xox Shanna Noel 


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