Meet the Illustrated Faith 2019 Bible Journaling Creative Team

HI Friends! We are so excited for this new year and have been so encouraged by your enthusiasm for the new kit. We thought we should introduce you to the creative team for this year. Shanna, Elaine, and I love our little team and we purposely chose to keep it little so that we could bring in monthly guests, which we are so excited about!

But, before we re-introduce them to you, we wanted to give our thanks to the girls who have been with us and God led in a new direction. We greatly miss Amy and April and their amazing tutorials and gorgeous Bible journaling, but we love and honor that they have followed God’s lead and direction and have loved seeing how God has blessed them both for their obedience. I’ve loved watching Amy lead women in Holy Yoga and still give her heart to her tribe. I’ve also loved how April has moved forward with her social media influence and so excited for the new direction she is going with Marine Parents Shop, all her new products are so fresh and exciting.

I’m just going to go in order in the image, let’s meet the team:

Shanna: Well, what can I say about Shanna that you don’t already know? God gave her a great vision several years ago and she has followed God’s lead and we are so excited to see where God leads us this year. I love that her touch is coming back to the kits and love how she continues to lead and inspire as well as listen to all of you.

Elaine: She’s the life of the party and bestie to all of us. She is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met and I’m excited for where she takes the Print & Pray shop this year and all her super adorable, bright and fun, totally whimsical illustrations she brings us this year. She has a way of always speaking to me in every blog post and I just want to craft and Bible journal with her all the time… hopefully we’ll get to do that again this year.

Me: I get the joy of leading the team, doing some behind the scenes work, find all you talented guests, and write all the tutorials… so if there are any tutorials you want to see this year, feel free to contact me either on Instagram @heathergwdesigns or email me at

Cristin: Seriously, I want to just hang out in her craft room all the time. She totally rocks the Print & Pray and I love how she shares on the blog. Everything she touches is bright and colorful and just so stinkin’ fun and she has the sweetest heart I’ve ever known!

Jill: She’s always really been a part of the team rocking the Facebook groups. We really wanted to show that this year by including her as part of the creative team. She does an amazing job of inspiring and encouraging and leading those Facebook groups and her Bible journaling always seems to be perfection. She amazes me and I’m so happy she is a part of this team. If you haven’t joined in on the Facebook groups, you’re missing out.

Jillian: She’s our YouTube guru and I’ve missed her so much during her maternity leave. Monday she will be back, and I’m so excited and I know you are too! She will continue to share two Print & Pray videos per month and two kit posts per month. Be on the lookout for her every Monday, here and on the YouTube channel.

Llanet: She just rocks Instagram and I’m so excited she’ll continue to knock your socks off over there featuring the Print & Pray shop. I love her bold spirit and enthusiasm and how amazingly creative she is.

Vanessa: She’s our newbie to the team! She was an amazing guest the last few months, we knew we had to bring her on. She also rocks Instagram and has been knocking our socks off with her creativity and videos showcasing the kits. She will continue to provide her awesome IGTV content on our Instagram account and I can’t wait to see what creative things she’ll continue to inspire us with.

I have linked each of their names with their Instagram accounts, be sure to follow everyone as well as our own Instagram account and YouTube channel to see everything these ladies are sharing with us.


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