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I hope you all are as excited as I am that there are only 22 days left until Thanksgiving!!!  It’s one of my favorite days of the year.  I love sitting around the table with loved ones and stuffing my face with the most delicious nummies!  When Shanna told us that Illustrated Faith would have a documented faith kit I was BEYOND excited!  I love the idea of using the month of November to really focus on the things we are thankful for all year.  Below you will find a few of my journal entries to give you an idea of some of the ways you can decorate your journal and really make it yours.


When you receive your kit, the journal will be plain white and black.  As soon as I tore open my package, I grabbed my paints and got to work making it personal.  For the front cover I used the “scraping” technique to quickly add some bright colors.  I then added some of the IF “grace” washi tape and some Lemony Stitch fabric washi.  I finished it off by adding a few little plus signs with my china markers and some other stickers.  I thought about going with a more “fallish” theme but I’m a brights girl and just because the season has changed doesn’t mean my color tastes will!


After my cover was finished I decided that I really wanted to give all the pages a cohesive look so I decided to go through the whole thing with watercolors.  Instead of using watercolor paints, I actually used my acrylics.  To achieve this look you’ll need to full saturate the page with water and water down your acrylic paints a bit and then just slap them on the page in a random fashion.  Make sure to use a paper towel or piece of fabric to blot the pages to absorb all the extra paint and water.  The great thing about these journals is that the pages are thick so they can really handle all the water and paint you can throw at them!  Once they dry, your pages will be chunky and crinkly…one of my favorite things in the whole world is a crinkly watercolored page!


I decided that I wasn’t going to go in order when it came to my daily entries.  I don’t do well with rules when it comes to art and the 1st couple pages of the journal are on reflection on Jesus and salvation and so I’m going to need some time to really put my emotions into words on those!  So I skipped around a bit and filled out the Friends, Challenges and Worship pages this week.  Guys, this journal is seriously so much fun to play around with.  You can really do anything in here.  You can keep it very basic and just hand write your praises and thanks or you can really get in there and art journal the crud out of it lol!!  I cannot wait to see the gratitude documented hashtag blow up with all your amazing pages!!


Hope you all have an amazing week!!  If you’d like to see walk throughs of how I fill in my pages, feel free to follow me on Periscope (just search @amandaonpurpose).  I hope to film my pages daily so if you’re into that kind of thing, I’d love to see you there!


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  1. MamaCake 8 years ago

    LOVE your idea to create a cohesive look, I’m so on that :)

  2. Steph Buice 8 years ago


  3. Rachel Geffers 6 years ago

    Would anyone be willing to share a list of the prompts on each page? I’d love to make one of these booklets from scratch since they’re no longer available. Thanks!

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