Faith is difficult. Faith is even more difficult during hard times. And how do you continue to smile and be faithful to His ways when you feel tested and run down?


I ask myself this question often, but my answer is always “He must know what He’s doing.” or “I trust Him.” One way I dig deeper into this question is to ask myself what lesson He might be trying to teach me. Is it patience? It is more trust and faith? Is it to have a good attitude about the situation?


Whatever you’re dealing with, going through or struggling to understand, God has the plan already written. He knows the plans he has for you and it’s not to do you harm.


This layout is a reminder to trust and know that whatever is thrown my way is to be used for a bigger purpose – and whatever that might be – I have to be ready for the challenge.


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  1. Amy Bruce 6 years ago

    LOVE this post my friend! You are very talented!

  2. linda trapp 6 years ago

    Love they way you balanced all the color with black and white: gorgeous!

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