I blinked and January flew by. Here we are, almost a month into 2016 and my heart is all over the place. As February knocks on the door, I have love on the brain- hearts and kisses and Valentine’s Day goodness. Naturally, as I prepped for today’s post, I had some ideas for what I thought I’d be sharing here. I had actually planned on doing a quick tutorial on using my favorite Bella Blvd supplies to crank out some sweet Valentines. But it may come as no surprise to you, God was up to something else as He often is. As I started working my way through cutting and sewing, I stumbled upon the phrase “create in me a pure heart.” I have heard this, read it, memorized it, all of the above- but today was different. I went to Psalm 51 to grab some context and I was so taken by what I found there. This idea, that God can create in us a clean heart is a crazy one. (And while you’re at it, Lord, renew a right spirit in me.) I mean, everything I know of God says that He doesn’t override or overrule my own will. So how does He go about cleaning out this yucky heart of mine?? The answer isn’t by force, or by manipulation. It’s by invitation- my invitation. When I recognize my sin, when I really see it for the death it brings, I have an opportunity to invite God into the house of my heart. Create in me a pure heart.

We tend to forget that God is such a creative at heart. In everyday life when we encounter an artist we trust, we give them liberty to create as they see fit. It usually breeds the most beautiful things. It’s stiffling to a creative mind to be put in a box or given parameters. What if we stopped giving God such specific requests? I want a pure heart, yes! But more than anything, I want God to create in me. I want Him to create an atmosphere in my heart that is conducive to loving people. I want Him to create in me a spirit of compassion. I want Him to create in me a renewed sense of purpose. I want Him to create in me whatever He wants to create. Period.

bekahblankenship_createinme (2 of 4)

And while you’re praying for God to give you a heart for others, start practicing. It’s amazing how encouraging someone with kind words and loving gestures will actually propel you into being in love with them even more- friends, spouses, coworkers, anyone!

bekahblankenship_createinme (1 of 4)

For these, I simply cut out some squares from one of my favorite prints, then sewed some hearts on. Yes, friends, if you’ve never sewn paper together, you are missing out. Finish it off with stickers and some scribbles and share a handwritten sentiment before you leave it somewhere special for your favorite peeps.

bekahblankenship_createinme (3 of 4)



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  1. Stephanie 6 years ago

    :D This is what I read this morning.

  2. Rebecca E 6 years ago

    This is such a wonderful reflection. Thank you for sharing.

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