Are you feeling well-watered or a little dry lately? I’ve certainly cycled through seasons of both and I know without a doubt that those dry spells are usually self-induced. Those are the seasons when I haven’t made enough time for God in my life; where I’ve neglected to soak in His word and haven’t responded to his call to prayer.


Hebrews 6:7 talks about a land thirstily drinking up the rain that often falls on it. It goes on to say that if this land will then produce a useful crop it will be blessed by God. It’s powerful imagery that speaks to me about the goodness of God who continues to send forth His rain, and even better – it says He sends it ‘often’.  But what strikes me with this verse is that the responsibility seems to be placed on the land to produce a useful crop rather than thorns and thistles. It suggests to me that it is up to us to decide whether we drink the rain that is falling, and also up to us what kind of fruit we produce… and that seems just a little intimidating! Luckily we can count on the Holy Spirit to help us in our weaknesses because I want that promised blessing from God!


In thinking about this verse I was prompted to create a wishy-washy water coloured background to my journaling as that seemed rather fitting for the theme of rain. I’m using a new-to-me product called Brusho and whilst the effect was perfect the end result was quite dark. I knew that any kind of writing or stamping over the top was going to be impossible to read easily so my solution was to stamp and emboss with an opaque white embossing powder. You can watch the whole page come together in my process video today.


ESV single column journaling bibleIllustrated Faith Breath Of God stamp set by Jessy Christropher  | Illustrated Faith Bloom stamp setIllustrated Faith by Bella Blvd Mini Bless Her Heart stickersIllustrated Faith by Bella Blvd Typed Practice What You Peach stickersIllustrated Faith by Bella Blvd Point It stickersIllustrated Faith by Bella Blvd Remember It stickersColourcraft Brusho in Prussian Blue and Sea GreenVersamark InkWhite embossing powder

  1. Amy 5 years ago

    Love the embossing. Gotta get out my embossing powder!

  2. Lesa Brassette 5 years ago

    Hi There! I love the look of the embossing powder!! I’m wondering if you have to use a heat source to “set” it or finish it off? I haven’t bought any of the product yet and I don’t have a heat gun so I was hoping you could educate me a little more before I invest! Beautiful entry!!

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