One of my biggest passions is shining the spotlight on other artists in our industry and the devotional kits give me a perfect chance to not only share their work but their heart (although many would argue they are one in the same). This month we have had Stephanie Ackerman as our featured artist and today I wanted to allow you to get to know her even better!

Stephanie can you tell us a bit about your and your history as an artist in this industry?

I started working in the creative industry “for reals” about 12 years ago and it has been a learning journey every single step of the way.  I have felt from day one that I am the ordinary girl who gets to live an extraordinary life and gets to do what she loves for a living.  There have been moments where I felt like I was shouting (quietly) from the mountain top but equally, moments where I was in the dark deep canyons of yuck and when you are doing what you love for a living and there is yuck, you gotta keep going!!!  I have learned some huge life lessons and one thing I have to remind myself and others is that when you are creating, YOU HAVE TO CREATE BASED ON YOU AND NOT OTHERS. Do things from the heart and do your best, then whatever happens, it is matter what.
What is a piece of art that you think really SCREAMS your style?
I have a difficult time with this because I have extreme difference in my “style”  Many identify my work with the deep red HEart and then some identify my doodling and lettering..I would love to hear how others identify me.
everything is going to be alright
Stephanie how did you first connect your faith to your art? 
For the past 10 years I have been really working on my purpose, spiritual life and deepening my roots.  I have always LOVED to make things and to be creative but until I really understood that those gifts and skills were a gift and I was to use them, did I start to “connect” my dots.  I “thought” I was on a “purpose” hunt thinking I had to find it when, duh, my purpose was always right in front of me.
As I continue to learn, practice, share and teach, it all just naturally comes together.
What are your thoughts on linking your creativity to your faith?
I have said for a really long time that I can not claim all of the ideas that fall out of my head.  It is ALL God and I just use my hands to create what He throws down at me.  That is why there is always a HEart someone in my work (seen and unseen) HE – is the reason for my ART.
Where do you create?
 Right now I am all over the place with creating.  I have a “shed-Teau” in our backyard that I moved/grew out of but have learned that when you have too much space, it is just more space for more stuff and so I am in the midst of really thinning out my junk and am going to be redesigning the interior of the “shed-Teau” and turning it in to my Shed-Quarters”
the shead teau
If you could only create with three things what would they be?
My hands, my heart and a pen. Can’t go wrong with those, well, unless the pen runs out of ink.
Do you have any big projects coming up we should keep an eye out for?
I have an exciting class that has just launched! I would love for you to come and check it out! 
Thank you so much Stephanie, you are SUCH an inspiration to our community and I have loved getting to know you better today! You can see some of Stephanie’s work in our Bloom kit where she shares a 14 day devotional with you and has designed 4×6 stamp set to match! How fun is that? The bloom kit sold but we are restocking in a couple days so keep your eyes peeled!
Have a wonderful day and thank you for celebrating Stephanie Ackerman with me!
xox Shanna
  1. Lindy 8 years ago

    Stephanie, This was great . You said you would like to know how others identify your style , I will say mostly what you showed the red heart, the doodles, the lettering, but there is also something I can’t quite find the words for but I will try . Your passion for art and your love of doing it shows in all you do plus your love for people and most of all your heart for God shows in your work/style/art. I know God has a huge commision on you to lead women and this is not “just art” , it is a lifestyle and it is a world changer. Also your willingness to share the good , bad and ugly of everyday life makes you so real !!! Also it encourages other to travel on their journeys and destinies. Thanks for all you are doing and for this … , Lindy

  2. Karla 8 years ago

    Love Stephanie… and love her heart and passion for the Lord and His Word!

    Great interview… and so enjoyed seeing your shed-quarters Stephanie!

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