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Hiya! I hope you are having an amazing day! Have you ever felt like bible journaling but just didn’t have the creative juices flowing? No? Just me? Just kidding :) Sometimes I have a prayer, a thought, a whisper, a word on my heart from Jesus that I want to write down and document but I am not feeling creative. I wanted to share one creative process I sometimes will do in times like these! It is just fun and easy peasy and in the end, can end up creating a super fun page! Another thing I have noticed is that once you do start creating, even when you aren’t feeling it eventually you may start feeling creative through this process! You never know where you will end up!

When I am feeling this way I will often pull out some paper (cardstock, tissue paper etc) to paint on. I pull out some paints in colors I want to work with (in this case I was working through the I Am bible journaling kit featuring Melisa Garcia so I pulled out colors that went with that ) some washi tape, wordfetti, stamps etc. Really, honestly, whatever is out on my desk from creating earlier (ha!) and just start creating some backgrounds! Practice new techniques, new patterns, practice lettering if that is something you are woking on, this is a great place to practice stamping even! Basically, anything is a go here, we are just warming up our creativity!! Don’t worry about the outcome, just jump into some CREATIVE PLAY!!

Here is a video sharing my process through this creative play:

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So much fun, right?! See I told you! Easy peasy, fun, colorful, playful! And I was able to document what He was laying on my heart even though I sat down and didn’t have a creative vision of where I wanted to go! I LOVE this process and if this is something you think you may play around with I would love for you to share so I can check it out!!! Make sure to leave a comment either here, on our YouTube or tag us on Instagram!

Have fun! And remember to give yourself from grace in this creative process!

There is a lot of learning that can happen in the play!

xox Shanna Noel

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  1. Laura Svee 5 years ago

    Hi Shanna
    I really loved this idea and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I’ve been stuck creatively, honestly, for months now. 😕 I’m going to give it a try for sure. I love the idea of cutting letters out after making the pages. So darn cute! I’m actually pretty excited about this and am hoping this will be the needed push to get me un-stuck and start creating again. Thank you so much for sharing yet another wonderful tip. You’re a gem.
    What do you think about using vellum or tracing paper? I’m not sure what tissue paper is…other than what’s used for gift bags! 😉

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