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I love being perfectly honest with you whenever possible. I knew this kit was coming, I had been praying over it and thinking about it for months. I am so thankful that Robin was put on my heart as the contributor this month, I knew she would take our tribe exactly where we needed to go. I knew she would pray about it, ponder it, let it sit on her heart as Jesus guided her with what to share this month. The part I promised earlier about being honest? The truth is I don’t think I could have written this month, in fact I know I couldn’t. Not that I don’t have stories of perseverance in my own life to share, but rather, it took working through this kit over the past couple days to really see HOW I worked through those storms and exactly HOW I leaned on Jesus and maybe where I could have asked for a little more help along the way.


How do you persevere?

This is a question I get asked all the time these days. Of course, it is never asked this way, but rather it sounds something like this… ” how do you remain strong with people trying to tear you down?” ” Where do you find strength?” ” how do you look past the negativity and move forward in a positive direction?” ” how do you not allow comparison steal your joy?” etc etc etc. The honest and simple truth is that it isn’t always easy, but I know that I am not alone, and I know that I can come to my Father and lay it all down at the cross. The REASON I know that is because I seek rest and comfort in Him, in his truth, and found in the word. I don’t only run to him when I am in pain, I allow my tank to be filled in rest and worship so that when the storm comes I have that foundation to rely on.

As Robin share in this month’s devotional ( found on the devotional cards in the Persevere kit ), it is important to have a place to “go” to sort your “junk”. Some may call it a prayer closet – essentially, “a place to come and bear your soul without reservation. And that’s where restoration and revival can begin.”

Bible Journaling Kit Persevere

For me, I wanted a place to process that “junk” that may come up as I work through this important topic, so I took the kit and made a little book out of it, a place to document my prayers, write out the scripture, list the sentiments I was hearing on my heart, type out the lyrics to songs Jesus was showing me time and time again, etc. From there I am taking the big ideas I am taking from this kit and bible journaling them in my bible as a memorial stone of this journey as well as a reminder for anytime I am needing to persevere.

So to answer your question, how do I persevere?

My answer?

Never, alone.


It’s my hope that you know, not matter what you are going through today, or what you may find yourself going through tomorrow, that you know that you are NOT alone.

xox Shanna Noel



  1. Phebe Bell 4 years ago

    How can I purchase this kit?

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