Bible Journaling | Where To Start in a New Bible by April | Acts 17:28

Cracking open a new bible can be incredibly daunting.  Whether it’s your first or your fourth creative arts worship bible [or maybe your tenth!?! *cough* SHANNA! *cough*], it can be a little mind-numbing to stare at all of those blank pages and think, “Where do I start? And what if I mess up??”

Well first & foremost, sweet friend…. you can’t mess up when you come into the presence of God.  So go ahead & shake that silly though off. ;)

For me, I know I’ll always want to start with my life verse.  I haven’t always had this verse, maybe just for a handful of years now.  But it’s an excellent way to dive in because it’s my happy place…. a verse I’m heavily familiar with & a space where I know that God meets me.

Bible Journaling | Where To Start in a New Bible by April | Acts 17:28

I usually reserve a few favorite, well-hoarded journaling supplies for this type of entry.  The “HEart” badge is one I saved from this years Revival Camp series because I knew I would want to use it for something oh-so-special.  My life verse totally fits the bill there!

So I’m digging in today with y’all in Acts 17:28.

For in Him, we live and move and have our being.

Not in ourselves, not in our artistic works, not in our first or fourth or tenth bibles ;) Only. In. Him.  This verse is an amazing reminder for me to daily die to myself and let God show up in my story.  Without Him I am nothing, and that’s a truth I desire to live by honestly.

Bible Journaling | Where To Start in a New Bible by April | Acts 17:28

I grabbed some pretty paints [it seems like my heart + mind are feeling fall-ish for this colorway I created], and swiped down some quick swatches.  I made sure each layer was dry[ish] before I layered down more color so that nothing mixed [too much].  There is beauty in the imperfection, whether this is your first entry or your 365th entry ;)  No worries!

Bible Journaling | Where To Start in a New Bible by April | Acts 17:28

Next, I pulled my two special, well-hoarded pieces of ephemera & created a pretty tab piece at the top.  I also used some big puffy letters to make a focal point that tells me what this margin + verse combo is all about.  So when I’m flipping through my bible later on down the road, I can immediately zero in on the topic!

Finally, I journaled a prayer & date stamped my page.  Never, ever, ever — for any reason — no matter what — ever…. forget to date stamp.  Seriously, friends! It’s so important to document our walk IN Christ & WITH Christ in our bibles.  We can look back on these posts & see exactly how we’ve grown since October 27, 2018!

So if you’re ready to crack open a brand new Illustrating Faith bible & you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all that beautiful, empty margin space…. flip to your favorite verse.  And if you don’t have one just yet, feel free to use mine ;) It’s a good one!

Bible Journaling | Where To Start in a New Bible by April | Acts 17:28



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additional supplies: Studio Calico Mega Stamp | Bella Blvd Wonky Puffy Alpha | Acrylic Paint

  1. Lee McBride 4 years ago

    How do I find an illustrating bible? All of your supplies are blank. Lee McBride

  2. Lee McBride 4 years ago

    Do illustration bibles come in spiral bound? Lee

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