I know I know Thanksgiving hasn’t passed but I have to tell you I am almost down with my Christmas shopping!!!! I have a couple things to still pick up and I was waiting for a couple of my favorite artist to put up their Christmas collections before I purchased because they are worth the wait. You see, I love to support small handmade businesses this time of year. This is in fact what leads to the early shopping, I can’t just run to the mall and pick up the perfect gift, yes I could get an “ok, this will do.. ” but I love searching out THE PERFECT gift for those special people in my life and that takes a bit of extra time, ….. but friends… it IS worth it!!! I wanted to share with you today one of my favorite places to pick up goodies!!!

Lindsay Letters not only makes the most amazing prints but also is one of the SWEETEST most generous people you will ever meet, now what is NOT to love about that?! This is someone I purposely support this time of year, I believe in her, I believe in her art and I believe in the smile on my face when I walk past any thing she has made.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s look at some of my favorites form her holiday collection this year!!

I love this print, like to a million pieces. I mean, it’s totally ok to buy MYSELF a Christmas present as well, correct? Oh….. hunny!? 
Oh Gold, I do love you. I love the message of this sweet print and I think it is the perfect reminder for the reason for the season. 
Watching Elf on Thanksgiving is one of your holiday traditions and it seriously NEVER gets old! I love that you are instantly in the holiday spirit after watching it. One year it was even so inspired to make a paper snowflake garland that covered our room in a similar (not as fantastic way) as Buddy’s store make over! 
I have these and love them to pieces they are perfect for making a quick holiday card or a custom Christmas tag, just LOVELY!
Whatever you choose from Lindsay you are sure to love, I hope you find the PERFECT gift for that someone special (or yourself) in your life!!

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