mixed media art journaling Bible list entry by Elaine Davis | be like a pineapple | comparison

Comparison is an ugly thing. Everyone does it. Fess up: you’ve scrolled through Instagram or Facebook looking at photos that your friends have posted & have caught yourself thinking. “Wow… their house is WAY bigger than mine,” or “I wish I could paint like that,” or even “If only I could be as thin as she is…” I think we do is unconsciously– we don’t even REALIZE we’re doing it. It’s become such a habit that we put ourselves down constantly without noticing. It’s a social reflex. But honestly– it’s completely arbitrary. Comparing one person’s life to another is like comparing apples & oranges: the Lord created them so completely different that comparing them doesn’t even make sense. If you’re looking for confidence in those apples & oranges: you won’t find it.

mixed media art journaling Bible list entry by Elaine Davis | be like a pineapple | comparison

I’ve been going on a health journey this summer, changing my diet to fit my new diabetic lifestyle. It hasn’t been fun, but it HAS been rewarding. So far I’ve lost 30 pounds & 1 pant size & I’m feeling great. As I’ve been going through these changes, I’ve realized something that should be SUPER obvious: it’s not about what the scale says when I step on it. Because nothing can top the feeling of seeing positive progress in my overall health & well-being! It’s totally a “what’s on the inside is what matters” thing, which I knew in theory, but until you experience it first hand it doesn’t truly click. I look at the scale & don’t see an ugly number anymore; I see the difference from where I came from when I started! And when I’m scrolling through Facebook & start to compare myself to friends that are EASILY 90 pounds lighter than me, I stop & think “No. Because my journey has been totally different than theirs, so it’s not a fair comparison. It’s like apples & oranges.”

mixed media art journaling Bible list entry by Elaine Davis | be like a pineapple | comparison

We’ve all seen that little phrase about being a pineapple that has been circulating the internet:

“Be like a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown, & be sweet on the inside.”

mixed media art journaling Bible list entry by Elaine Davis | be like a pineapple | comparison

I think this is exactly what God has in mind for us. Confidence isn’t to be defined by the size of our home, the kind of car we drive, how talented we are, or a number on a scale. We should draw our confidence from Him. Confidence in the fact that Jesus died to save us. Confidence that we are loved. Confidence that He wants us to be like a pineapple.

He wants us to stand tall! Be proud of who we are & stand up for ourselves as Christians! Stand tall for the Word!

He wants us to wear a crown! The crown on our head is bought & paid for. We are His children through & through. No social variables are going to lose us that title. Wear the crown– we are children of the One True King!

He wants us to be sweet on the inside! Be faithful & true & kind & give grace! Love the least of these!

mixed media art journaling Bible list entry by Elaine Davis | be like a pineapple | comparison

These are the things we can shout for joy! Throw the apples & oranges you’re comparing out the window & just be a pineapple instead. ;)

<3 Elaine

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  1. Michelle 5 years ago

    Thank you for being so honest and sharing a personal struggle, the same one we all have had. I hadn’t heard the pinapple quote and I love it!

  2. Sheryl Musslewhite 5 years ago

    Love this Elaine! Oh how true it is too! I haven’t seen or heard of the quote, but love how you used it here! I’m sorry to hear about your health issues, I too found out a couple years ago that I am in your same shoes.
    God’s blessings to you! Thank you for sharing this!

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