process video by Natalie Elphinstone completing the Illustrated Faith Blessings or Lessons Devotional

Can I get real for a second? Every single month I start off with the intention of completing the entire Illustrated Faith Devotional Kit, but some months I fall short. I mean, I always finish reading it and meditating on it, but often I lack the time to really get stuck in and journal out and illustrate my response to every entry. I think I just need to be more realistic about the amount of time I have available to come back and create with it at a later date (because that’s what I’m always telling myself I’m going to do!) I need a system of illustrating as I go or else it’s just not going to happen!

process video by Natalie Elphinstone completing the Illustrated Faith Blessings or Lessons Devotional

So this past month with the Blessings or Lessons Devotional Kit I’ve taken a different approach. I decided to use those delightful doodled flowers on the front cover as my inspiration and paint my own version of them on every page as I go. It’s simple, it’s fast, I don’t have to think about it too much. It allows me more time to concentrate on journaling out a meaningful response. Plus …. it’s super super cute! And guess what? I’ve actually finished the entire devotional!

process video by Natalie Elphinstone completing the Illustrated Faith Blessings or Lessons Devotional

What surprised me the most though was that I’ve also learned a lot artistically by using this approach. I’ve found that because I want every page to look uniform but don’t want it to be repetitive I’ve had to ‘invent’ new colour schemes and slightly different versions of the flowers each time. I’ve used different techniques and different mediums and tried to paint the flowers in different placements and arrangements each time. It pushes me just enough to make me feel creative and to try new things, without the need to reinvent the wheel every session.

process video by Natalie Elphinstone completing the Illustrated Faith Blessings or Lessons Devotional

In my video today I’m going to share a walk-through of all the pages of my Blessings or Lessons devotional and explain my approach, and to finish off I’m going to create the very last page right in front of you so I can show you my techniques in action. I’ll teach you how to make watercolours out of markers and/or ink and how you can embrace the imperfect nature of this medium. I’m hoping it will inspire you to start digging into your devotionals even when you don’t think you have much time, or even if you don’t consider yourself artistic.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Sandra Rose 3 years ago

    Love this! Now I will try to draw the flowers! Thanks for your many great videos.

  2. Marijo Napier 3 years ago

    Thanks! You have given me the courage to do this too! I am sooooo afraid of messing up or making a mistake that it freezes me; you have freed me! :)

    • Author
      Natalie Elphinstone 3 years ago

      I think that’s a common fear we’ve all faced at times, but I definitely believe you just need to take a deep breath and plunge in! Forget the pressure of trying to create something ‘perfect’ and just enjoy the process of creating. And at the end of the day I remind myself that this part is just paper and stickers (it’s really of no relevance), what’s important is our heart response and our time spent in the word right?

  3. Bailey Robert 3 years ago

    I LOVED this one, Natalie! I’m terrible at finishing them, but you’ve inspired me to really linger in the next one.

  4. Kristi Bicknese 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for this video! I never thought I could do something like this, and now I really believe I can!!

  5. Monika Alston-Miller 3 years ago

    @natalie-elphinstone I have enjoyed seeing you work your way through this one. Seeing your posts definitely encouraged me to think about one overall theme for each study I do. I just finished my first devo yesterday–Gina Lideros’ His Love Never Fails in part because I made myself stick to just three colors! You’ve got me really looking forward to Yes and Amen!!

  6. Michell Adams 3 years ago

    Hi Natalie: What are the color names of the Faber Castell Big Brush Markers that you are using in this devotional? Love the pink and yellow. Thank you!

  7. Heidi Petterson 3 years ago

    I love this, Natalie! It not only blessed me with encouragement in my relationship with Jesus but, as always, I love your artistic approach, too.

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