video tutorial - hybrid Bible journaling by Natalie Elphinstone | Make A Joyful Noise | Yes & Amen devotional

I have to admit I’m laughing out loud as I type out the title to my blog post today. Obviously it represents the theme of my bible journaling entry that I’m about to take you through, but I’m giggling because of how ironically it actually represents the video I’m sharing today! Real life got in the way of lovely civilised video tutorials, and my needs-to-be-constantly-entertained 16month old was not being cooperative with my plans to bring that video to you. Nevertheless I persisted, and so I apologise in advance for the regular disruptions caused by a bored baby in the background! He is most certainly not making a joyful noise!! LOL!

But let’s move on!

video tutorial - hybrid Bible journaling by Natalie Elphinstone | Make A Joyful Noise | Yes & Amen devotional


For the last week or so I’ve been working through my Yes and Amen kit, journaling my thoughts and decorating my pages directly into the devotional as I go. If you remember my last video (you can find it here) I shared my process through the Blessings or Lessons devotional and how I like to approach these in a systematic way, keeping my decorations reasonably repetitive or sticking to a bit of a theme. I’m doing it this way because it allows me the creative outlet of making something pretty, but it means I don’t have to stop and put a lot of thought into the ‘art’ of it. This gives me more time to concentrate on actually soaking in the words of the devotional, meditating on the scriptures and letting my heart respond in it’s own way.

video tutorial - hybrid Bible journaling by Natalie Elphinstone | Make A Joyful Noise | Yes & Amen devotional

Another great advantage of approaching my kits this way is that I can use the devotional as a bit of a practicing ground. If I find that a particular verse of scripture is speaking to me and I’m happy with the way the decorations have turned out then I can easily translate the same sort of entry into my Journaling Bible. This has been made even easier this month because I’ve been using a lot of the printable embellishments from the Pray Print Paste shop – in particular the different versions of Elaine’s mountains (which you can find here and here) – which means that I can effectively never run out of them! For this kit I’ve been loving using lots of repetitive shapes, stacking up the mountains on top of one another and lining them up across the page. It gives me a sense of the abundance of God’s gifts to us and the majesty of his wonderous creations.

video tutorial - hybrid Bible journaling by Natalie Elphinstone | Make A Joyful Noise | Yes & Amen devotional

The entry that I’m sharing today in my bible is inspired by Day 6 of the Yes and Amen devotional and the scripture it references is Isaiah 55:12, “For you shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands”. I love the visual image of the mountains and trees being unable to contain their excitement, and I love what Junelle has written in the devotional about nature’s passion and joy in response to God’s touch. If the most inanimate of God’s creations cannot help but break forth in worship then how much more should our own spirit, our God-breathed holy spirit, respond in utmost adoration? It surely must! It simply must!

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  1. Michele Rockhill 3 years ago

    love your noisemaker, way to keep it real! beautiful page too, i always look forward to your pages. what type of printer do you use? would the ink bleed if it gets wet?

    • Author
      Natalie Elphinstone 3 years ago

      I’ve got a Canon laser printer. I’m not sure if the ink would bleed if it gets wet… I’m thinking it should be fairly waterproof. But because I tend to print onto plain thin cheap ordinary printing paper what it would definitely do is warp and buckle and not stand up very well to any wetness. So I don’t tend to mix wet mediums in with my printables ;-)

      • Michele Rockhill 3 years ago

        thanks for replying natalie! but especially thank you for always being so inspiring. i just love all your work! happy day!

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