I love, love, love the devotional from C.D.! The words she wrote spoke right to my heart and reflect the conflict that I know I share with most other women, no matter how old we are! My sons are grown and gone on to be successful and living good lives with lovely women who love them; I’ve got an amazing career; I have a husband who loves and supports me in my crazy life; I have a daily, close relationship with the Lord, but I still struggle with feeling like I am worthy – that I am enough – that I am fulfilling the purpose that God has for me. There will always be someone who has more or does it better – that’s why comparison is so harmful. God has a purpose for me – and for you – and HE is enough for us to fulfill it! I often say that whatever God gives is enough.

I loved using the stamps that go with the devotional! The words on stamps that C.D. chose to go with the reading are just perfect. As much as I love them, it was still hard for me to “write” with them – for me to say words like “I am strong and beautiful” even though I know that is how God sees me.


For my Journaling Bible, I made a booklet out of deli paper, so that it is super thin and gives me extra room to write without adding too much bulk to the Bible. Deli paper is a very thin paper with a wax coating on one side that can be used to paint on or stamp on. I folded a piece in half and cut it to size for my Bible. After I was done adhering my photo and some embellishments to the front and stamping on the inside, I added to the edge of the Bible page with washi tape.


I used Romans 12:1 from the Message, like C.D. did, to write a letter to God using the stamps. This is the prayer of my heart and the words I need to repeat a hundred times a day to myself. I know I am enough, I am strong and beautiful because I’m created in His image and because HE is enough – HE is always enough for everything I am and everything I need!

– Debby

Thank you Debby! I LOVE what you did with the stamps! Just beautiful!!!

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  1. Cricket Rawlins 8 years ago

    Beautiful Debby! I missed that stamp set the first time around, bummer! I have a quote on my board near my desk that I wrote down one day (forgot to write who said it though, sheesh) and it says “Feelings are not reliable, God’s love is.” I refer to this many times a day as, I too, struggle with feelings of inadequacy etc…Sending continued prayers for your healing!


    • Debby Schuh 8 years ago

      Thank you, Cricket! I appreciate all the prayers! I often feel like I’ve only begun to know the depths of God’s love!

  2. Kay 8 years ago

    Spoken from the heart Debby…..You Are BEAUTIFUL dear friend!

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      You are such a sweetheart Kay!

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