I hope you are all having an amazing Easter filled with peace and joy. I look forward to celebrating Spring with our Illustrated Faith community as we continue to grow close to Him through Illustrating our Faith.

Enjoy this day!

P.S. this image you see above is a good example of the freebies you get when you sign up for our newsletter. This one is 4×4 and perfect for using in the margins of your bible. Sign up today and look for your freebie each Thursday!

  1. Jessica 7 years ago

    I don’t know if it’s my computer or what, but if I click on the image to read an entry, it takes me to a completely different post. I clicked on the “He is Risen” image but it took me to an entry about finding joy in your relationship with God. I was only able to open the Easter entry by clicking on the link to the comment box. Weird! Just thought I’d mention it.

    • ann marie 7 years ago

      This happens to me too. I find that if I wait an extra minute before clicking, it will come up right, or on the second try….. I usually am on my ipad, and thought it was related to the format on there, but if you’re having this issue too, maybe it is the site. :-) Just keep trying! The posts are worth it!

  2. Pam 7 years ago

    Hi Shanna,

    When will you have more of the devotionals available? I keep missing them. Xoxo

  3. Simpson 6 years ago

    Missed this freebie as well. I am signed up…could I get access to it? :-)

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