For this journaling Bible post I stepped way outside my comfort zone – it seemed that the pretty pastel colors that I usually use just weren’t right for a page about giants! I wanted it to make a statement in my Bible and in my mind, so I chose bright and bold words and colors.

In a recent message at church our pastor was teaching about Caleb from the book of Joshua. Caleb believed whole-heartedly in the promises of God – the promises that had been given to Abraham and then to Moses and Joshua – the land he was given in the promised land was the same land where Abraham and his family had lived and were buried many, many years before – the land of promises. The problem was that the land was inhabited by giants. Caleb believed that God was with him and conquered those giants! It was a challenge to me to believe God whole-heartedly, to really believe His great promises to me. The main obstacle to belief is fear – the giants that are conquered by believing God. Jesus in His death on the cross conquered every fear and confirmed every promise. I won’t be a conqueror if I am half-hearted! I must be whole-hearted – in it with all that I am – to be all God wants me to be.

To start my page, I chose four colors of acrylic paint and applied them one layer at a time with an old gift card to the page. I usually don’t cover the words in my Bible, but this time, the part that I covered was just a list of who got what land. If I want to read that, I’ll use another Bible – I have lots!

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

It got pretty messy and dark but I wanted it to have a foreboding look for the mountains and the giants.

photo 4

photo 5

I used the mountain stamps from the Amy Lou Hawthorne devotional and the alphabet from Becky Novacek to make a bold statement about believing to conquer those giants. Then I added a variety of letter stickers for the rest of the text. It’s bright and bold and really sticks in my thoughts. I call myself a “believer”… it challenges me to really believe!

photo 6

Our God is bigger than any fear!



Dina Wakley Media Heavy Body Paints | Illustrated Faith Homespun Alphabet by Becky Novacek | Illustrated Faith Explore Stamps by Amy Lou Hawthorne | alpha stickers: Basic Grey, October Afternoon, Amy Tangerine | Illustrated Faith pen | Ranger Archival Ink.


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