It just feels unreal. Even to type that out, let alone to think about the fact that next summer we will be on our way to Alaska with our family, amazing friends and YOU (our new friends!). Let me catch you up…. when I was teaching in Texas one of my friends said that I should contact Crop & Cruise because they do craft cruises and she thought it would be so much fun to do an Illustrated Faith cruise. What do you really say to that besides UMMMM YES!!!!! Where do I sign up? Before I even got home from Texas the sweet ladies at Crop and Cruise had contacted me about making this dream come true! They asked where I would want to cruise to, and with that cruise line (CELEBRITY!!!) . I knew RIGHT away that I wanted to go back to Alaksa! Jonathan and I went on a cruise there this summer and just fell in love with it (I had NO idea how amazing it was) and we made it a goal to take our kids there one day soon!


There are so many things we love about Alaska, let me try to wrap it up in a nice little paragraph! First of all just the cruise itself was amazing, the nice flat beautiful waters (it was like glass!), the amazing views off our balcony (Jonathan brought hammocks and that was some of my favorite times just sitting out there all bundled up with my love, watching the Alaska shoreline!).  It was my favorite cruise I have ever taken just because when you are on the ship there is so much to see right off the boat. You aren’t miles and miles from land, you are right there up close seeing the sites! The whales and sea lions loved to put shows on for us, and I just was in awe every single day. The sunsets and sunrises were some of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen in my life.

alaska2Once you hit land you are greeted by some of the kindest people and unique culture! I loved exploring the little towns and doing adventures we wouldn’t normally set out to do. While we were in Alaska we drove a tiny 4 person boat around the little bays of Alaska with the coolest tour guide. He showed us the beautiful sites we wouldn’t have seen normally and at one point threw a fish 4 feet from us and a ball eagle swopped down and caught it, now I don’t know about you but this doesn’t happen on my normal every day! We also took a helicopter to the glaciers. Now this was a big extravagance for us, not something we would normally do but I am so glad we saved all of our pennies because I just sat there with tears streaming down my face at the BEAUTY we experienced that day! Zip lining was also on our MUST DO list while in Alaska, and guide just made this an adventure we will never forget! On one of our port days we got back earlier than we thought from our tour and so we jumped on the chance to go watch the whales bubble netting! WOAH! If you have NOT experienced this, it is a MUST do while in Alaska! We experienced many fun little eateries and some fun shopping along the way, including old down Victoria (one of my favorite places in the world). All in all the trip went above and beyond any expectations I had and I desperately wanted to take my kids back some day! I am so glad to have this trip on the calendar to share all of this with them!


On top of all that I am so excited to be teaching an Illustrated Faith workshop on the cruise. During the cruise I will be teaching 4 different classes and we will also be having open studio time where we can work, create,  and learn from each other as we gather in fellow[ship] (haha!!!). I have to say, I am equally excited about this! To think that on our sea days I will be gathered with a group of like minded women as we work in our bibles in a creative way is one of the MOST exciting parts!!!! I can’t wait to meet each and every one of you that decides to join us for this journey!!!!

I wanted to make sure you had a lot of time to plan this trip and save for all the fun things you wanted to do so this cruise is for June 2016 and you can find more information on the cruise and crop site. If you want to attend the workshops your MUST book through crop & cruise (space is limited). Celebrity also is running a special if you book by the 27th of Feb. so make sure to head over and check out the details on that!!

We have also started a special Facebook group just for those joining us, we thought it would be fun to count down together as well as get to know each other before our big trip!! Please email me at once you have registered and we will get you in there!

Thank you so much, have a wonderful day!!!

x0x- Shanna


  1. Carol 7 years ago

    We love Alaska! But what I want to know is how you attached your hammock out on your balcony??? I would love to bring my ENO hammock on a cruise!

    • Author
      Illustrated Faith 7 years ago

      My husband brought the same hardware you would use to attach to a tree and there are huge rails on either side of the balcony perfect for hanging a hammock!

  2. Laura Johnson 7 years ago

    We loved our Alaska cruise several summers ago and have wanted to go again! Is this a trip you will bring your husband & kids on? Will there be things for them to do the ship?

    • Author
      Illustrated Faith 7 years ago

      Oh yes! I am for sure bringing my whole family! My in-laws as well!!! We are making this a family vacation that we will always remember AND we are doing a WORKSHOP I am just so excited to be able to combine the two. So the workshops will only be on the “at sea” days. There will still be all the WONDERFUL things to do on the ship, including an amazing children’s program!!

  3. Cori 7 years ago

    God’s special world. My favorite place in the whole entire world. I didn’t think an Alaskan cruise could get even better, and it just did. God, health, and husband willing, I will be there with you!!!

  4. Paige 7 years ago

    This would be incredible. I have never been on a cruise before, but always thought that if I did go on one, it would be an Alaskan cruise.
    However! (True confession time…) I suffer from what I like to call “big-boat-stay-afloat-a-phobia” though!! Those huge ships terrify me! LOL! Maybe this would help me overcome my fear! :)

    • Author
      Illustrated Faith 7 years ago

      HAHA!!!! Honestly an Alaskan cruise would be the perfect one to over come that fear because you can always see the land (very close)!! Hope you can join us!!

  5. GinaZee 6 years ago

    I just found out about this. If I can make it I will show you around my hometown of Juneau if you like. I’ve got connections. ;)

  6. Christina Betts 6 years ago

    Hi Shanna, does the cruise have to be booked with the link you provide? Can I book through my own agent for the same dates?

  7. Amanda Harne 6 years ago

    Will you do a workshop in Alaska once you’re here? Pretty please?

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