hybrid mixed media art journaling Bible entry by Leah Schumacher | Hiding in Him

Hey, y’all! Leah here again from Salted Brew and I’m excited to show you some pieces from my Hustle Hustle digital set. Not gonna lie, last month was rough. It actually helped ME to put together the ideas I had for you all in this set. It’s all stuff I had to tell myself for encouragement and laughs.

In the spirit of transparency, I started journaling this page and the technique I was trying completely bombed. My favorite Liquitex Heavy Body paints came to the rescue. It reminded me of the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding whose solution to a zit or whatever is “put some Windex on it.” So with his voice in my head, I looked at my mess of a page and went, “put some Liquitex on it.” Ha! Okay, movin’ on.

hybrid mixed media art journaling Bible entry by Leah Schumacher | Hiding in Him

So I said last month was rough. Sometimes the to-do lists pile up and there’s not enough hours in the day to keep up. I keep waking up completely exhausted then stumble and zombie my way through my day. With a new job and other responsibilities coming up, this is SO not the time to be drained in every way possible. THEN on top of that, spiritual attacks sneak in and just push all the buttons and drag all my skeletons out of the closet.

hybrid mixed media art journaling Bible entry by Leah Schumacher | Hiding in Him

Journaling this page was like taking a deep breath. “I hide myself in you.” To hide in someone sounds like the biggest, comforting warm spot. A haven. A go-to safe place. If you’re anything like me though, it’s so hard to get that vulnerable. To abandon all defenses and admit that I need help. David shows us in this Psalm how to ASK God for help to do just that. He says, teach my heart to:

  1. Remember what you’ve done for me.
  2. Reach out to you in prayer.
  3. Trust you.
  4. Follow your will for me.

hybrid mixed media art journaling Bible entry by Leah Schumacher | Hiding in Him

Even when I don’t feel like myself and zombie through my day, BOOM— He shows up. He sprinkles conversations throughout my weeks to tug me along. He encourages me when I feel messy, damaged, and stuck. He helps me put my trust in Him. He boosts me to hustle hustle.

My point: sometimes, we want to hide. We want to stay in bed when the to-do lists get too long and we get too tired. It’s okay to hide – just hide in Him, girly. In fact, go hustle hustle to do that.


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