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Hello to all our little candy hearts out there! Who loves February!? For many, it’s the least favorite month of the year because it’s often cold, frigid, & everyone is coming down off of the high from New Year’s goal-setting. But it’s the month of LOVE! (Ok… technically EVERY MONTH is the month of love, but Valentine’s Day!?) This month is always a favorite for the Print & Pray artists because we all LOVE this theme & the hearts & glitter & butterflies & candy & sweet colors that go with it! Not to mention, it’s the perfect format to talk about God’s unfailing love for us all! Let’s see what our Better Together artists have created for us around the theme of love!







Here’s the link to the sermon podcast Tamara references: Church 21 – Montreal: Podcast 51 “Loving Self” by Dwight Bernier




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<3 Elaine



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