Who loves the foil trend right now? Who loves using the stamp backings in their Bibles as tip-ins? I DO, I DO!!!

When I got the new Illustrated Faith stamps with the black and white backing, I knew I wanted to use them, but decided to try a little experiment by foiling them using a laminating machine. It worked; so I grabbed my camera and took pictures of the second one to show you how easy it is to do.


I also laminated the leftover foil and made bookmarks with them and I’ll show you how easy that is too.


NOTE: I have tried this techique with the little devotional cards, but they did not work. The printing process is different for the cards and this technique only works with laser toner ink, like what’s used on the stamp backings.



  • cut out the flower from the backing leaving a little edge
  • cut out a piece of foil, enough to cover the whole flower
  • set the flower piece printed side up inside a transfer folder, this is nice for keeping the pieces together and doesn’t melt… do not use laminating folders
  • place the foil, foil side up, over the top of the flower and close the folder
  • make sure your laminating machine is warmed up and ready to go, I had it set to the hottest setting 5mil
  • feed the folder through the laminator… I sent mine through twice, tho I didn’t need to.
  • pull the foil up off the flower and VOILA!!!

I wanted to use up the pretty leftover and not send it to the trash, so I sent it through the laminating machine in a laminating pouch and turned them into bookmarks. For the “wild and crazy kind of love” card I just sent the foil through whole. For the flower I trimmed the outside edge.



  • trim any excess foil off to the size you want your final bookmark
  • put inside a laminating pouch/folder (do not put in the transfer folder) and trim down any excess (I’m all about saving resources)
  • send through the laminating machine, trim and decorate (I rounded the corners, punched a hole, added ribbon and stickers to finish it off)
  • When trimming make sure you don’t trim right to the edge of the foil, you need to leave a melded edge to keep it from separating and pulling apart.


You don’t need to use them in just your Bible… I like having mine in my planner as a constant daily reminder.




Illustrated Faith Stamp backings from the Unfinished 4×6 Stamp Set and the Beautiful 4×6 Stamp Set | Illustrated Faith Genesis Collection Word Stickers by Bella Blvd | Amazon Basics Laminating Machine | Amazon Basics Laminating Pouches | Heidi Swapp Minc Transfer Folders | Heidi Swapp Minc Rose Gold Reactive Foil | Paper Hole Punch | Fiskars Corner Rounder | Tim Holtz Scissors

  1. Tai Bender 6 years ago

    Holy cow! You are amazing!!!

  2. Natalie Elphinstone 6 years ago

    So awesome!!

  3. Cori 6 years ago

    Way to go! I’m guessing this is a normal laminator and not the Minc?

  4. Tayrina 6 years ago

    This is Awesome. Love it! Thanks for sharing this!!!

  5. Jodie 6 years ago

    Honey your gold foiling makes my knees go weak! Absolutely fabulous! I love seeing my script looking so pretty and sparkly :) xxxxx

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