It’s my eldest’s 9th birthday today – my goodness the time seems to just fly by! She’s got all sorts of plans for her party and all sorts of things on her long list of present suggestions, but I know a handmade gift is always appreciated too. She’s similar to me in the sense that she loves reading, drawing, writing, creating art and I know that bible-journaling is something she’ll really enjoy so I decided to make her a unique version of a simplified journaling Bible.


Yes it’s true that I could just buy her a proper one, and I’m positive that when she’s a little older I’ll do just that. But in all honesty, the last Bible we bought her was lost at church within weeks and I’m just not sure we can keep on replacing them at that rate! At least now if she misplaces this one I can whip up another in no time!



Here’s what I did…

I printed out a bunch of Bible chapters on my regular printer. It’s a standard translation (NKJV) and I just copied whole chapters of stories I think she would enjoy. I shrunk it down so each A4 piece of paper would have two pages on it and then I cut these in half. She’s young – she can read the small print, and this way the size of the journaling Bible remains manageable. I made sure to keep plenty of blank pages in there too so she would have somewhere to illustrate her faith. I bound them all together and made a cover out of patterned paper from the Bella Blvd Whatever is Lovely collection. I was a bit sneaky here because I struck up a conversation to determine which was her favourite paper and when I found out it was the one with all the hearts I made sure it became the cover! I decorated it with tags and stickers and a few enamel dots. So far I’ve got 64 pages in this Bible which is far from being a complete Bible but should give her a good starting point, and by making the spine relatively thick I think I should be able to add more pages to it as the need arises. Or I might just make a new one and call it a series!



I’m positive she’s going to love this and I’ll make sure to share some pages on Instagram as she completes them.


Bella Blvd Whatever is Lovely collectionBella Blvd Family Forever Paper PiecesBella Blvd Enamel Dots: Bell PepperIllustrated Faith Genesis collection: Mini Bless Her Heart, Typed Oh My Heavens, Grace Washi, Typed Washi

  1. Jewel 5 years ago

    What a FABULOUS idea!

  2. Betty 5 years ago

    Wonderful post! How do you bind the spine?

    • Author
      Natalie Elphinstone 5 years ago

      There are lots of fancy ways of book binding….. none of which I’m particularly versed in ;-) So what I did was sew 8 pages together at a time (yep, literally just pushed them through my sewing machine!) Then stacked them all together so they were nice and straight and glued them to my spine. Not sure how long it will last to be honest! I’m sure there are much MUCH better ways!

  3. Linda E. 5 years ago

    Wow Natalie. This is a fabulous idea, and it is great for grand children too. Thanks for sharing….Linda E.

  4. Coralee 5 years ago

    this is lovely my only caution is that there is copyright on the Bible and people who might want to do this should be sure to read about the copyright allowances/restrictions on the amount of text you can copy. The only version currently without copyright is the original KJV. Love that your daughter wants to participate!

    • Author
      Natalie Elphinstone 5 years ago

      You’re right! I hadn’t considered this aspect, thankyou for bringing it to my attention!
      I looked into it and found some helpful information. Seems there are a few versions I can use such as the KJV and the ASV among others. If I’m going to use the NKJV then I have to limit it to 250 verses. I better get counting!!

  5. Suse Fish 5 years ago

    Oh gosh, just beyond lovely… so original and pretty and just such an amazing idea!

  6. Roberta 5 years ago

    What a brillant idea! Thank you!

  7. Stef 5 years ago

    What a wonderful gift and fabulous idea. I think I need to consider that as a christmas gift.

  8. Laura 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this, Natalie! I think it’s a great idea. If your daughter is anything like I was when I was young, she’ll love it! I’m looking forward to seeing some of her pages on Instagram if she’s up for it. ;)

  9. Mollie Dirig 5 years ago


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