Hey sweet friends! We thought you might be up for a little laugh this week!! Ever wonder if your husband, friend, etc. understand how you go about bible journaling? Now are just talking about the technical side here friends, and seriously Jonathan (my hunny!!!!) cracks me up in this video!


HAHAHA!!! Dot dot dot!!! I am always up for poking a little fun at myself and Jonathan made me laugh so hard in this video! What do you think your friends, husband, kids would say if they did a voiceover of your video? Wouldn’t it be so much fun to see their thought process through this side of bible journaling? If you decide to make one I would love to see it, leave a link in the comments because sharing is caring sweet friends!

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Love you to a thousand bits, have a WONDERFUL day!
xox Shanna Noel

  1. Lynn 7 years ago

    totally adorable. his expertise in techniques was spot on.

  2. Bailey Jean Robert 7 years ago

    Oh my stars! This was too funny! Looooove it!

  3. Sheena Mays 7 years ago

    Oh mylanta!!!! I’m dying. ?

  4. Rhonda R Merry 7 years ago

    A superb Job from Jonathan. This made my morning! Thanks

  5. Damaris 7 years ago

    Oh this was FUNNY I LOVED it. It had me cracking up over here all by myself. Too funny!!

  6. Mary 7 years ago

    Whew! Glad he cleared up the whole Bible Journaling technique for me….He was awesome!

  7. Karen Quinn 7 years ago

    oh my goodness!!! soo funny! i was laughing out loud and drawing strange looks from my family! you should have him do that as a regular feature!!!! what a gem!!!!

  8. Nicky Fowler 7 years ago

    Oh my word. That was a fantastic way to kick off a Monday!!

  9. Ashley Dawn Sanford 7 years ago

    This is hilarious! haha

  10. jmrock 7 years ago

    are those stamp dots? ?

  11. Robin Lee Hatcher 7 years ago

    This is laugh out loud funny. The stars that he thought were dots. The soft-talk as he waited to figure out what you were doing. “Dot dot dot dot dot dot dot.” LOL! Thanks to you both for the treat.

  12. Kathy Pinkerton 7 years ago

    Adorable! I’m impressed that he knows what washi tape is!!!

  13. Susan 7 years ago

    He may not have the specifics down, but he really does get the whole Bible journaling “thing”. Thanks for another great video

  14. Toni Lynn Anderson 7 years ago

    I love it, Jonathan adds a fun element to your project! More in the future please!!

  15. Savannah O'Gwynn 7 years ago

    My husband helps me with my videos sometimes— love that your husband joined in the fun today:) Awesome video <3

  16. Manila Citizen 7 years ago

    I hope one day to BIble Journal with my husband too. <3 <3 lotsahearts for you!

  17. Katrina 7 years ago

    High five to the hubby! That was great!

  18. Jennifer Morrison 7 years ago


  19. Kim M. 7 years ago

    That was soooo hilarious! I loved it!

  20. Jan Weber 7 years ago


  21. Sara Eudy Brian 7 years ago

    Loved the video. What pen was used?

  22. Maddie 7 years ago

    this post gave me a good laugh!

  23. Reyna Lay 7 years ago

    This was so funny! Exactly what my husband would sound like, except he would not know what washi tape was called and would probably call it colorful tape thingy. LOL

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