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Hey, friends! Since it’s March, does that mean it’s officially Spring? I hope so! Spring in Wisconsin is so unpredictable, but I’m hoping for the best. The sun is shining as I write this and I hope it sticks around for awhile!

The sunny skies always make me feel so inspired. I want to declutter and try new recipes and start running again, but I also start thinking about creativity more and more when the weather gets nicer. This Fall, I wrote a post on my personal blog about why I don’t feel like I can call myself creative and it’s been running through my mind a lot lately.


The gist of the post was this: I don’t feel creative because I can count on one hand how many of my ideas have been all original. It makes me feel “less than” sometimes and I don’t like that icky feeling. Some great conversation started in the comment section cheering me on and telling me to own that title of creative and my wheels started turning.

My perspective has shifted since then and I’m started to come to terms with my creativity. A friend of mine once shared a quote with me that really resonated with me since – “Creativity is just connecting the dots in a way they haven’t been connected before.” Wow. I can’t tell you how much better that made me feel! Everyone gets inspiration from the people and things and nature around them. It’s just human nature! Even the ideas that I thought were 100% original were most likely inspired by something in my subconscious that I saw somewhere else and really loved. And that’s okay!


This journey about creativity has continued into my study of the Created to Create devotional written by our own Shanna Noel. Her words have been such a comfort to me while I learn about myself, the God who created me, and the fact that I WAS CREATED TO CREATE!

I am an artist. I was created to create. And you are too, friend. Dive into that creativity head first and see where it takes you.

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  1. Jennifer Cowles 7 years ago

    Beautiful! I am still working up the courage to paint in my bible…

    • Author
      Leah Van Ert 7 years ago

      It took my awhile to work up the courage as well. Now I do it for almost every page! It’s so fun. Try experimenting on notebook paper first. That’s what I did!

  2. Amy Bruce 7 years ago

    Connecting the dots????

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