Thank you so much for stopping by today!! We are working on a series in church called Hope Quotient, and I am just loving it. This Sunday Pastor Chris talked to us about the verse in Psalms (46:10) “Be still and know that I am God” it is a favorite in our home (as I am sure many of yours as well). What Chris really wanted us to hear though was the “be still” part, in today’s society it is important to take a sabbath day, and to use that day to focus on what is really important! But that isn’t what I wanted to focus on for right now, in fact it was just ONE sentence that Pastor Chris said that really stuck with me, and this is something I think MANY of you will relate to.
“How do you have time for that? I can’t, I have to much to do” 

How many of us have heard that when it comes to taking time to do project life, scrapbooking, or just being creative in any way. Pastor Chris pointed out that this train of thought comes from a place of pride. Like “my kids, my activities, my PTA can’t go on without me”. It’s simply not true. You can take a day to RESTORE, RECHARGE, and REPLENISH. It really is ok, I promise. The world will not fall apart without you. 
During my class with Influence I was asked “what happens when you mess up?” As I was journaling in the sermon on Sunday I did JUST that and had to laugh because I said “just fluff it off” it will be fine!!!! I guess I was testing that theory! I wasn’t really happy with how the “be still and know I…” came out I would much rather it say AM GOD in the same circle but you know what, that didn’t work out that way and again I WILL BE JUST FINE!!! I promise :) 

  1. Beth Skipper 9 years ago

    Thank you Shanna for sharing so generously– not only of your talent and expertise, but also of your vulnerability and ‘mistakes’. You have modeled a lesson that we all need to learn… to handle the unintended outcomes/consequences with grace.

  2. M. Ashcraft 9 years ago

    I truly appreciate your creativity and the humbleness of your posts.

  3. Tori Bissell 9 years ago

    hahaha here I was sitting (before I read about the mistake part) going wow – Shanna is so creative…I never would have though to put the “am God” outside of the circle…it really makes it stand out and brings emphasis to the be still and know part. lol.

    working on my journaling Bible today too…

  4. Bri Schaaf 9 years ago

    Ha! I was one of the ones who asked the question of messing up! This post totally made my heart smile! My journaling bible is still in its box, in all of its untouched glory! I think tonight I will embrace it with courage and prayer knowing that beauty can be found in Messing up!

  5. Cindy Pool 9 years ago

    Where did you find your pencil case?

  6. Victoria 9 years ago

    I’m so inspired!! Thanks so much for sharing this unique way to connect with God through His Word. I can’t wait to try. Please keep your posts coming!!

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