Hey there sweet friends! I wanted to share a little bible flip through as I get ready to move to a new bible!!! This is a great answer to the question “how do I know when it is time for a new bible” or “how long does a bible take you to work through” etc. The truth is each season is so different, my first two bibles lasted me a year and slightly over a year and this last bible (the one in the middle photo) is the thickest and lasted me just 6 short months. In those six months I was reaching for the word more then I ever have before, so like I said, it just depends on your season sweet friends! Take your time, enjoy each page and celebrate the bible as a whole as you work your way through it!  In the video I talk about the bible journaling kits, my thoughts on the meaning behind bible journaling and what I have learned even in the past 6 months of bible journaling.
I also wanted to talk about starting a new bible, how to start and is it scary? The truth is that even after all this time of bible journaling for myself, it is still scary to jump into that new bible but seriously the only thing I regret is not starting sooner because the moment you start that bible and break that “untouched” bible mindset it’s all up hill form there!! I had this idea in my bible of how I wanted to start my next journaling bible, kick it off in 2017 with the goals with grace kit but something kept holding my back and I wasn’t sure what it was. Well I had this other idea in my head (sneak in the video ) and until I got that out I wasn’t able to start anything else. So there is a lesson for you friends, don’t try to push back those creative thoughts and processes! Just get them out on paper!!!


If you are in need of a new bible you can check them out here along with some of my favorite bible journaling supplies and kits! 


xox Shanna Noel

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  1. Cloudy 7 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful bibles with us. It is super inspiring to see what using your creativity for God looks like! I have been debating starting a new bible that I recently bought or just keep going in my older one. It’s always so difficult to just start…

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