process video and message about being kind even when it doesn't come naturally to you by Andrea Gray in the Illustrated Faith Bookbound Journal

Hi friends! Today I am working in my new Illustrated Faith Hardcover journal by DaySpring and am so excited to share my process with you today! But if you prefer to read versus watch, feel free to do so below! Otherwise, I have a video for you of how I arrived at this colorful page!

Illustrated Faith Video Image

I don’t know about you – but I’m human. I judge others and get irritated and lack grace. Sometimes all at once – and often when I’m driving! Crazy, right? And then on the other hand I’m the girl who thinks everyone is good-natured and never has ill intentions. How can such opposite thoughts come out of the same brain?

process video and message about being kind even when it doesn't come naturally to you by Andrea Gray in the Illustrated Faith Bookbound Journal

Lately I have decided I want to be more aware of when I start to have those “unkind” thoughts and stop them from creeping and festering. I just don’t want to think those thoughts. As justified as it might be for me to think someone is wrong for lingering too long at a stop sign – my brainpower and emotions are better spent somewhere else. Maybe even on those who deserve it. Hmmm – what a concept!

process video and message about being kind even when it doesn't come naturally to you by Andrea Gray in the Illustrated Faith Bookbound Journal

And since I’m being completely honest here, that isn’t natural for me. My love language is not Words of Affirmation or Acts of Service so giving of those things is a challenge. Telling people that they are doing a good job or that they are appreciated is difficult for me. 95% of my feelings and being sentimental about how special people are to me happens on the inside and I need God’s help to be more kind and loving on the outside. More smiles, more nice words and being present. It’s my reality but knowing is half the battle right?

So I’ve opened up my new PrayDreamIllustrate Journal to a random page – right smack in the middle – and this is the verse that stared right at me. God always knows my heart and what I need to work on so I’m asking for His guidance. Asking for Him to be in my heart so my thoughts and words are pleasing to Him like Psalm 19:14 says. The supplies I used on this journal page are simple because what I want is a simple life where I can still be my fun, happy and energetic self and have the added bonus of self-control, grace and gentleness. Who wouldn’t love more of that?

I hope you can hear God speaking about areas you might need help with too!

See ya next time!

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  1. Tonya Hamilton 5 years ago

    Loved it Andrea!! Thank you so much for sharing and being vulnerable :) I think many of us struggle with kindness at times, so hearing you share was precious!

  2. Kimberly Matthews 5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate your honesty because I think we never want to admit that we are “less than kind” to other people, but being human, we all fall short sometimes. I have to often stop and think before I speak, especially if I am upset or unhappy. For those times when I have not been so kind, I am so thankful for God’s grace and forgiveness and for the forgiveness of those I may have hurt. What an awesome God we serve! Thank you for your message and your beautiful, yet simple illustration!

  3. Patty Radish 5 years ago

    I constantly work on this, thank goodness for the grace and forgiveness of God!

  4. Amy 5 years ago

    beautiful page : )

  5. Sandra Bletzer 5 years ago

    I was laughing because I struggle with not always being kind. Your video was inspiring and made me think of my action to “just be kind” it’s easier and doesn’t use up energy

  6. Elaine Clark 5 years ago

    Love your transparency! Thank you for sharing your art!

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