Hey there sweet friends! Welcome back to our little bible journaling neck of the woods! I wanted to share one of the things on my heart these days.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep it short and sweet, I know it’s a beautiful spring day!!

One of the things I love most about bible journaling is the ability to document the little whispers Jesus is laying on my heart before I can see the big picture. If I were only to document the big picture moments in my life I wouldn’t be able to see the tiny steps God placed in my life to put me there. This is why bible journaling daily has become to important to me, God is speaking to me everyday, we are in that daily conversation with each other so why would I wait for the “big moments” to document that? This idea of layers is something I have been pondering a lot lately. How he speaks to us through little whispers in seemingly unrelated conversations until suddenly He brings them all together in a beautiful masterpieces. I love watching Him work.

Something I have been paying more attention to as I document what I see Jesus doing in my life is to document these layers. I love the idea of writing down those moments, where you aren’t sure where God is taking you just yet, you are there watching as He paints the pictures for you one layer at a time. In art we use layers in so many ways, with paint, stamps, ink, washi tape, it’s all about the layers!

One way I have been playing with this lately is with washi tape (yes what, I LOVE it lol!!) in fact this little pile of washi tape was sitting on the edge of my desk, it was the left over pieces from several journaling entries. I loved this beautiful mess, I love how it can easily illustrate the beautiful mess in our own lives, and the layers he is whispering on our hearts.

How are you documenting those quiet, sweet layers you see Him revealing to you?


xox Shanna Noel


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