Mixed Media Hybrid Bible Journaling by Elaine Davis using digital printables | Insta-Love

I’m going to start this post with a shock factor: I’m throwing my technologically-challenged parents under the bus.Don’t worry– they won’t mind; it’s all in good fun. (And plus they’ll never see this blog post because they don’t have a computer to see it on! *cue comedy club drum beat* HA!) My sister & I tease them relentlessly because they don’t have a computer or smartphones. There are lots of jokes that ricochet around their home about them being “prairie people” & us asking if they churn their own butter too.  We just don’t know how they’re still surviving without technology. They pay their bills by check or in person. They look up information in books instead of Google. They use a map when they travel instead of GPS. They don’t even own one single credit card. I don’t like saying “I can’t live without my smartphone,” because I like to think I’m more evolved than that, but once you experience life WITH one, it’s hard to go back. I think we can all agree on that. But the truth is, that’s the way the world is moving. Time marches on, technology marches with it.

Mixed Media Hybrid Bible Journaling by Elaine Davis using digital printables | Insta-Love

But for all the jokes I make, I actually admire their technology free lifestyle. I see how consumed I get with social media & sometimes wish that I was more like my parents. Just minding my own business, gauging my success in life on my happiness & well-being, not through comparison of Facebook statuses. They work hard & don’t concern themselves with all the latest stuff. My dad is a welder & my mom loves to quilt. They go out to eat with friends, read the newspaper, watch movies on DVD, & love spending time with my niece Amelia. They could care less about the latest app updates & you’ll never catch them wasting half the day taking quizzes finding out what ice cream flavor they would be or what their celebrity couple name is. (For the record, it would be Mikelley.)

Mixed Media Hybrid Bible Journaling by Elaine Davis using digital printables | Insta-Love

On the other hand, I have something that they don’t have by having a smartphone. I have the opportunity each day to encourage the faith journeys of thousands of people just by posting about God’s love on Instagram or even on this blog. I think it took awhile for Christians to really harness it, but social media is a mission field. Each day that I post a picture of my Bible pages, or the sunset, or a shot of my morning bagel, I can slip in a prayer or scripture passage. There is SO much we can do through taking a minute to peck out a few sentences about how much the Lord loves us! Some days I’m reeeeaaallllyyyy super tempted to post something snarky or complain about XYZ, but I try to put something positive out there.

Mixed Media Hybrid Bible Journaling by Elaine Davis using digital printables | Insta-Love

1 Peter 3:15 says:

“But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect…” (ESV) (Honestly though, verses 3:13-17 are all great!)

Always be prepared to power up your phone each day & give someone your testimony. Use this technology addiction our generation has for GOOD! Make a defense for Christ & tell someone the gospel truth in your Instagram post, tweet, or status. Throw a Snapchat filter on it if you must. ;) I love that God has given me the privilege of serving in my own little mission each day right from my phone screen. I mean how blessed are we that we can shout about God’s love right from a touch screen? That’s what I call Insta-Love. ;)

<3 Elaine

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