Hi there friends!! We are a couple days into December now and I am SUPER excited about bible journaling this month! I think that #gratitudedocuemented last month got me TOTALLY pumped for this and prepped my heart for CHRISTMAS!!!! I wanted to share how I set up all my Christmas goodies, and how having it all in one place and prepped can really help you document your faith daily this December! I highly recommend prepping all of your Christmas & or bible journaling items and having them out all in one place ready to go! I find that having things right out where you can see them and easily grab them will help you keep your bible journaling focused on the process instead of the product!

As I shared in the video, one of the ways I keep up with daily bible journaling during the Christmas season is to keep it very simple! You will see post of my posts have similar things in common for example a photo, stamp or paper piece and then a stamp underneath with the prompt or focus word for that week followed by journaling and the date! Super simple, super fun but I love that during such a busy season we are still able to focus on this reason for the season and create intimate time with Jesus to allow Him to speak into this season in our lives!



If you have been holding out but are ready to jump in, it’s TOTALLY not too late, and like I said it’s kinda nice to have some things like the stamps year after year! You can pick up your bible journaling kit here! 


I hope you are enjoying this season!!!

xox Merry Christmas xox Shanna Noel

  1. kristin meyer 4 years ago

    Love this video and the message/reminder of keeping it simple during this busy time of year! Does the tab punch you showed in your video work for most of the print and pray and devotional kit tabs?! It would be so much easier than cutting them out!

  2. Claudia anabalon 4 years ago

    Love it all! Can’t wait till the next print’n pray shop release!

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