…sorry Elaine, this is my favorite picture of you and I think your little personality shines in this picture!!! 

I will never forget sitting at my desk and feeling the whispers from God to hire Elaine on to the Illustrated Faith team, I tried to argue with God.  I wasn’t planning on taking someone on. The only person who was working for me at the time was my mother in law, and let’s face it – she gives me LOTS of grace in my shortcomings as a leader. So I sat there and argued with God because…. sometimes that is what we do.. because we are human… because…wow…because. stubborn “Maybe we aren’t ready, maybe she isn’t ready, maybe.. but…really”? You know how it is when God puts things on your heart and it comes out of the blue, everything came together before I could blink. I reached out to Elaine and to my surprise (I don’t know why… hello… God!!) she was hearing some of those same things in from God, and even though we both were surprised we both felt such peace about it. That year has flown by SO quickly!! Elaine has not only grown into her position …..far beyond my expectations, he has also taught me so much! I honestly can’t imagine Illustrated Faith without her and am so THANKFUL she said YES to this crazy adventure!!!!

Elaine’s official title is “Director of Digital Merchandise” at Illustrated Faith, and really runs the show over in our print and pray shop…. but honestly she does SO much more! She really is there for anything I need! I can’t thank you enough, Elaine!!!!!


Not only does Elaine inspire me in her work ethic and her heart for our community, but through her ART! She is such an inspiration and continues to push the boundaries through her use of color and layers all while she worships Jesus!! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite projects from Elaine!

Make sure you are following her on instagram so you don’t miss a thing!

bible journaling Elaine davis

I LOVE this one using her new collection, Light Messenger 

bible journaling print pray shop

Elaine’s is never afraid to mix color and design, ROCKING the better together collab!

Elaine is always willing to share her tricks and tips, seriously a never ending source of inspiration!
Check out how she organizes her latest Illustrated Faith washi! 

If you see Elaine on social media make sure to give her a huge hug from me and thank her for all she does for the bible journaling community! She is just a gem, thank you will never be enough!!! Leave a comment with HUGE YIPPPEEEIES and HOORAYS for her 1 year with Illustrated Faith!!!!

xox Shanna Noel


  1. Amy Bruce 7 years ago

    Lots of hugs to you both!

  2. Ginnie 7 years ago

    Yay! Yippee and big hugs to Elaine congrats on your one year anniversary with Illustrated Faith.

  3. Elaine Davis 7 years ago

    I’m just now seeing this Shanna. <3 You're so sweet to me! Love you to bits & then little tiny pieces of those bits! :)

  4. Amy Edwards Doggett 7 years ago

    Congratulations, Elaine! I’m new to Bible journaling and this community (I’m kittywittycreates on Instagram) and love getting to know you all! Elaine, you seem like the perfect compliment to Shanna! Love your style and love what both of you are doing with Illustrated Faith!

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