Yay!!!!! Last week we got to celebrate all the new releases on the Bella Blvd blog and we thought we needed to have some fun over here too!! How about some more FUN giveaways?! Today I wanted to giveaway one of my favorite items from the bible journaling basics extension and that would be those adorable hexies!!!! I might be slightly obsessed lol! It’s one of those things you think “I am just going to use one or two” and end up clustering them together because #whynot !!!! I love that they have just a tiny bit of dimension but have a HUGE impact on your page, also – all the different  allow you to pick out the ones you love!!

At Illustrated Faith we really strive to design products that are not only trendy, beautiful. colorful but also help YOU to express YOUR faith in a creative and personal way which is why on these hexies you will not only see beautiful design but you will also see words and expressions that we find ourselves reaching for time and time again as we illustrate our faith in the margins of our journaling bible. To us bible journaling isn’t about having a pretty page in the end, but rather enjoying the process of worship and documenting that in a personal and meaningful way and we hope that these products are just tools in that process to make it easier, and let’s face it COLORFUL!!!!

So what do you say? Who is up for a little giveaway? YES ME TOO!!!! Ok to enter to win I would love for you to leave a comment telling us what bible journaling looks like to you in this season. If it is a struggle, own it. If it is a joy, shout it. If it is a goal, share it! We want to hear where you are with your journey!

Post your comment (see details above) on this post between now and

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Winner will be announced on Monday, January 30th, 2017.

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  1. Erin S 5 years ago

    It’s a struggle for me right now. But I’m on my way out from under a recent depressed fog and hope to be able to spend more time in the Word now. So I own it being a struggle!

  2. Nicki V 5 years ago

    In this busy season of my life, Bible journaling has become my opportunity to rest in Him each day. It’s been hard in the past to carve out time to spend in the Word, but this year so far I’ve been intentional about the hours in my day, making sure that my spiritual walk is my priority!!

  3. Would have to say that in this season Bible journaling is definitely a Joy. I love when I am able to spend time in the word expressing and creating on what I have learned. I don’t always have a lot of time between school and the kids but when I do I love it.

  4. I am just getting started – So it is hard at the moment – but after my husbands massive “widowmaker” heart attack and survival, I have been drawn to this (I teach Art Journaling but this is different) but I will continue looking at how people are doing this so I can get more sure of it…

  5. Marci Dighton 5 years ago

    I’m still defining what journaling is for me. Trying to find the right study for my season of life. Also looking and getting excited for using my creative side with my quiet time with Him. Always inspired with the photos and products! Ready to take the next step and dive in!

  6. Tiffany Janzen 5 years ago

    Right now Bible Journaling is a joy & a challenge! I am currently going through a 31 Day challenge and I admit, it’s hard to do it every single day. But like working out, after I’m done, I feel so proud of myself for doing it! I really feel like I’m connecting with God & finally finding my niche for worshiping Him. :)

  7. Courtney Bennett 5 years ago

    For me, this season for bible journaling is a struggle. As a newish mom with a 6 month old, I am still working on learning how to balance everything. BUT it is my goal to set aside time for myself so that I can get back to enjoying my alone time with God.

  8. Dana Chan 5 years ago

    my bible journaling for this season is going to be a goal….to try to be more consistent when I am studying the word and getting creative with journaling.

  9. Veronica Albitre 5 years ago

    I feel like this season of my journaling has been Bold! Boldness in the way that I don’t worry much about the way my journaling might look to someone else while I’m sharing it. I love that I can express my bonding and learning in Christ and show to how true and real he is in my life.

  10. Nicole Culver 5 years ago

    In this season of raising teenagers and a preteen bible journaling for me is pure joy and the time spent with God in His word expressing my worship is so precious to me.

  11. Alyssa Duncan 5 years ago

    I’ve definitely settled into myself as a bible journaler. Right now I’m about once a week, and I would like to up that a little, but it is a really busy time of year! What I’ve been doing is usually journaling the day after church about what we talked about in church that Sunday. Keep it simple and relevant. :)

  12. Grace Torp-Pedersen 5 years ago

    I just started Bible journaling within the last month and I LOVE it!! It’s a new way of studying the Scripture that has inspired me to dig deeper into the meaning of the text.

  13. Josmary Flores 5 years ago

    I lo ve bible journaling and im so happy to start in my home this year a group of praying and study of the bible at my home with my pastors wife. Can’t Walter to see Other women fall in love with Gods word

  14. Rebecca 5 years ago

    Right now, my bible journaling is a search. A search for God, a search for consistency, a search for learning, a search for new techniques. I’m having fun with it and trying to make it into a habit.

  15. Andreina Vanderhorst 5 years ago

    During this season, Bible Journaling has become more of a task to stay on track with my Bible reading. Lately Bible journaling is what motivates me to read my Bible when some days I may not feel like it. Grateful for this wonderful way to dive into the word of God!

  16. Sabrina Armstrong 5 years ago

    In this season of my life, I am really struggling to find that solitude time with the Lord without it becoming a checklist. I am currently a student at Liberty University, and sometimes I prioritize everything else before my quiet time with the Lord. However, this last week, starting off my goals devotion (a little late, I know), I was able to find rest and make it through the week sitting at the feet of the Lord finding peace and rest amidst the chaos of a new semester and trying to find a routine again!!

  17. Melissa Bell 5 years ago

    It is a goal for me this year to complete a page once a week. I’m pretty slow at creating. I’m all about progress and not perfection! At least I’m trying to embrace that. Ha!

  18. Jordan Johnston 5 years ago

    I am a college student and am currently going through a lot of transition. I picked up bible journaling as a way to reflect that I want Christ to lead me through these times in my life. Getting into the word and using art to respond to scripture is something that I’ve started to do everyday and oh how it’s helped me!!

  19. Nikki 5 years ago

    This season of bible journaling for me is not only exciting, but challenging. I have dabbled here and there but never really stayed consistent. I have been in BSF’s John study since September of last year and realized I should journal what God is teaching me through this study! I have resolved to journal once a week, picking the truth that speaks the most to my heart. With a 3 year old hanging on my leg at all times (and helping momma “paint her bible”) and another precious one on the way, this season of bible journaling will be challenging. But I’m ready for it!!

  20. kristin meyer 5 years ago

    In this season of life, bible journaling brings me joy, helps me learn more about God’s word and has helped me grow in my faith journey. Prior to bible journaling, I sometimes just didn’t know where to start when it came to spending time reading my Bible, so I love the prompts from the devotions to give me the direction I need, and then in turn I spend more time studying and reading the bible.

  21. Maggie Hamlin 5 years ago

    Depends on the day, I get so inspired by seeing other people’s entries, but then get blocked usually when I go to do my own. Of course my entries rarely turn out as good as I’d like. I need to make it more about what I’m learning rather than what the entry looks like in the end.

  22. Kathryn Harris 5 years ago

    My bible journaling depends…Sometimes I journal just for the “art” of it. Sometimes I journal to dig deeper in the particular scripture. Sometime I journal as part of a devotion. It’s never a never a struggle.

  23. Laura Millhouse 5 years ago

    It’s a goal of mine to do more Bible journaling this year! I’ve done a little here and there but I’d like to figure out how to make it more devotional and worshipful. Love the Hexies!

  24. Sarah Hall 5 years ago

    In this season of my life, it is a goal to engage in Bible journaling more. I love art and I love Bible journaling!

  25. Kassy Wiley 5 years ago

    Bible journaling for me this year looks like growth. I want to make a habit of sitting down and making time for God no matter what is going on in my life and grow in my faith. I want to be intentional about my time with him and get creative while doing it.

  26. Steph Phillips 5 years ago

    For me my Bible Journaling is about setting my mind and keeping it set in order to have the endurance to keep going with all the things I’m juggling right now – my oasis of calm ?

  27. Jordan Fluegge 5 years ago

    Just last year I got into Bible journaling because of following Illustrated Faith on Instagram. Bible journaling is my stress free, relaxation time. Its my time to put down in my Bible how a passge or verse has affected me spiritually and emotionally. I get a stronger and deeper connection to the word and to God. I want this to be the year I grow closer to God and I’m hoping I can do that through study and Bible journaling.

  28. Sarah 5 years ago

    I really wish I could find the time for this. I feel like it’s similar to scrapbooking used to be for me. Super important, but just never time. I’d make a weekend out of it occasionally, and finally get something done- and guess what I’m doing for the first time Saturday? :) Going to a Saturday Bible Journalling get together. It will be my 1st actually doing it, though I’ve bought stuff for it for close to 2 years now!! :) Can’t wait!

  29. Abigail Clone 5 years ago

    This season Bible Journaling to me is an outlet for joy and guidance! It’s a way for me to just destress and lean on God. It really reminds me how God will just take my hands and lead me through tough situations. These past few weeks have really been weights on my shoulders with that darn drama at school and Bible Journaling has totally helped me out! <3

  30. Jill Drangsholt 5 years ago

    Bible journaling has been such a gift for me since I discovered it 4 months ago. I have way more excitement for digging deep into the word (and actually taking notes!) than I ever have. Thank you!!!

  31. Teri Piver 5 years ago

    Right now Bible journaling is somethInc I want to do, but have not been able to “break through.” I haven’t found a journaling Bible that works for me as I want a larger font size than most I have seen.

  32. Freda D 5 years ago

    I am loving my Bible journaling! I love trying new techniques. I will listen to the Bible on my Bible app and paint and color away. I so want all Bible journaling supplies!

  33. Cheryl Hutcherson 5 years ago

    When I’m able to Bible journal, I LOVE it! I’m just struggling with making my time work for me and being in God’s word more this way! LOVE all your products!!

  34. Elizabeth Young 5 years ago

    It’s helping process and grow in many different areas right now. From working on techniques, to healing through a rough time for my family to letting the sermon this past Sunday resonate in me.

  35. Jane G 5 years ago

    Right now for me it is a struggle. I love the Word, I read the Word, but no art finds its way into the Word. Maybe I am in bible journaling winter — cold and hibernating, getting ready for bible journaling spring: NEW LIFE!

  36. DebbieLee CraftyGoose 5 years ago

    Right now, I am struggling with extreme exaustion from a host of medical problems. It is hard to do daily chores much less what I want to do, which is Journal in my Bible, to dig deeper into God’s precious word. Using beautiful supplies has helped to make the days brighter. Thanks to all who help make Illustrated Faith all that it is. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store.

  37. Pearcia Bogroff 5 years ago

    I am a mom of 6, bio to 2 and step to 4, though I only use those titles when others inquire into our family dynamics. Bible journaling has become something I do to calm, de-stress, and center myself whenever Satan would rather I focus on the garbage he hoped would unhinge me. I was blessed yesterday to have our third child want to join us in service and watched him journal from the message and then dance with the Joy of the Lord. These children are all in God’s hands, I hope to honor Him in how my husband and I parent and direct them.

  38. Nancy Johnston 5 years ago

    I’m having a blast this past few weeks making His word gorgeous! Love the time I’m spending on it.

  39. Linda Wilson 5 years ago

    Just started Bible journaling, would love something prettier than my handwriting and my own drawings! Struggling now.

  40. Tess Crawford 5 years ago

    In this season of Bible Journaling for me, I am struggling. I am in a transitional time of life, looking forward to something new yet unnamed that God has for me and am in many ways tired. I journal about once a week or so and am excited to continue but a giving myself grace to take a rest. I haven’t given up journaling, just need to take a break. I have a new journaling Bible just waiting for the break to be over.

  41. Boo dee 5 years ago

    Okay, I am owning it, bible journaling has been a struggle the last couple of weeks. I feel busy and uninspired.

  42. Michelle 5 years ago

    Eye opening! Mind freeing! This season has been such an incredible journey for me. I’m fairly new to this artful worship and study. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this form of study. It’s definitely helped in my bible study times. Thank you!

  43. Linda Nguyen 5 years ago

    I am doing the devotions in the mini booklets, but it’s harder for me to transfer it to the Bible. Like I want it to look splendid, and have a hard time looking at my “subpar” entries.

  44. I am loving this journey! Definitely a joy! I was given a journaling bible and devotion set for Christmas from a dear friend! I am getting better everyday and it’s such a relaxing outlet for me

  45. Patti Bodenhamer 5 years ago

    I haven’t started yet. Would love to give it a try. Have done some journaling art in a book.

  46. Heather Lee 5 years ago

    Amber Bolton just hosted a workshop at our church and that has been an inspiration!! I’ve been bible journaling for a few months now, but am looking forward to making it a priority!!!

  47. Elizabeth 5 years ago

    I’ve only just started bible journaling. I’m excited for my journey in bible journaling as I learn the word off God. I’m hoping that this brings me closer to him as well as my family. I hope that the lessons I learn I can pass to my children so they can grow closer to the Lord while the are young instead of as an adult like myself

  48. Anne 5 years ago

    I’m so happy to discover Illustrated Faith! It’s made it fun and easy to add colour and artistic expression to my bible studies and feeling more organized in keeping my notes. This has spread into other areas of my family life and it makes me feel like I inspiring my kids too!

  49. Laura Shapiro 5 years ago

    It’s a struggle, because my good intentions are thwarted due to some small business woes. :-(

  50. Kimberly McIninch 5 years ago

    This is currently a struggle! I love Bible journaling more than any other craft in my entire life, finding the time to give this the attention it needs is challenging.

  51. Alicia Ascencio 5 years ago

    I am just starting bible journaling. I am loving a new way to read my bible and engage with God!

  52. Cyndi Caron 5 years ago

    I love bible journaling, and have been doing something new during each service on Sunday over the message received that day. Then I work on completing the art during the week before the next service! It helps solidify what we are covering in church and allows me a new way to express glory to God!

  53. Bible Journaling is one of my goals. I’m a little intimidated and nervous. In my current season of life I feel that this will be a great outlet for me.

  54. Nicolle Stanton 5 years ago

    Bible journaling has always been my go to when I feel overwhelmed or stressed. It also was taught me so much about who I am. It also means super fun with my two closest friends as we squeal over newly released or newly purchased goodies. And if I get too busy to journal, I then crave it! I used to have a hard time reading the bible, but devotions have helped me see God’s word differently. 2017 has many resolutions for me, but one that is most important to me is focusing on our ministry and creating my own devotion! Illustrated Faith has helped me see clearer by sharing the bible journaling techniques! Thank you IF!

  55. Michelle Dunham 5 years ago

    In this season of my life, my Bible journaling is an encouragement to me. I’m 35 and single and sometimes I don’t know where I belong in the Church. As a Special Education & English Learners teacher, I am overwhelmed with hard situations, overwhelming amounts of paperwork and high stress situations daily. Bible journaling helps me stay in the Word and be creative. I have even met a group of local women and we get together weekly to Bible journal. My Bible journaling pages have way too much color, lots of stamps, stickers, and over the top embellishments but I love every page. I post many of my pages on Social Media and it has been a conversation starter to reach out to many people that I might not otherwise converse with. It has been a great way for me to dig in deeper to the scripture, have a visual that helps me remember the scripture and helps me share my faith with coworkers, social media friends and family. When I Bible journal, it is always joyful and uplifting time where I can worship my Savior. It’s a place where I don’t have to be the boss, I don’t have to be stressed, I don’t have to have all the answers, I don’t have to feel singled out, but a place where I belong.

  56. Carla Hayes 5 years ago

    So far this year, bible journaling has been soul searching. Helping me to look deeper inside of myself.

  57. Kate Sullivan 5 years ago

    Right now, it’s a little bit of a struggle trying to find time and space to journal, but I am slowly making room in my schedule. I just need to get a little more focused with my time!

  58. Faith McLaws Stailey 5 years ago

    Bible journaling is a goal for me this year. I’m working on making my life a routine including devotional, scripture study, creativity, inspiration and affirmation.

  59. Cindy Bryant 5 years ago

    I was struggling in life. I kept praying to God to help me find my way. I’d like to believe Bible journaling found me, but truth is I stumbled upon it by blessing. I created a Pinterest board and had pinned just about anything and everything relating to Bible Journaling. I attended a Faith Illustrated event at the Family Christian store in WFL Orlando, FL, and since, I have found a new profound joy in reading the Word of God and finding the peace and joy I was seeking in my life. I consider myself a newbie in the Bible journaling world, but it’s my new joyful hobby that I go to at night before bed time. Thank you.

  60. Kandi 5 years ago

    It is a joy when I can carve out time to spend on it – that is my struggle. I am spending time in the Word, but the extra time I want to Bible art journal is being spent on other creative things right now. It is where I believe God wants me to be focused, though, so it’s positive. :)
    Thanks for the chance to win! Love the new products!

  61. Danielle Parsley 5 years ago

    Right now I’m struggling to find the time to bible journal. :( I’m in my final semester of college and it is busier than ever but I will find time to journal no matter what. :)

  62. Kella Looney 5 years ago

    In the season, journaling has been a challenge. I am having a hard time staying focused on the word to let what god has intended to pour out on my pages. I pray for a stillness in my mind to hear what god is saying!

  63. Trying to stay on schedule is difficult for me this season in my bible journal. I’ve been so busy that life is getting in the way. I have to change this and find time!

  64. Shelby Koelz 5 years ago

    In this season bible journaling can be both a struggle and a joy. Being In high school my schedule makes it hard to find time to sit down and be inspired. But more than a struggle it has been and inspiration to spend time in Gods word and make him a priority in my life. As a result I fewl much joy when i spend time with God every day.

  65. Theresa Elliott 5 years ago

    I have been Bible journaling since the very beginning of this amazing movement. While I don’t do it every day, I work on several days of the illustrated faith devotional at a time.

  66. Amanda Lopez-Acosta 5 years ago

    I am trying to use my journal bible more. I am in such a struggle. I love journaling for god, in this artist way but I HATE doing it in my bible. I really feel like I have too much to say to be doing it in the Bible. NOt enough room.

    But, I love Illustrated Faith & the goodies coming out so much! Ive been an artist my whole life & I keep feeing god urge me to try. So I keep trying. Everyone says my bible is SO beautiful when I do the art pages but I struggle to not feel too contained. I don’t know whyyy.

    I LOVE all the new stuff coming out & pray the lord helps me praise him. Worship him. GLORIFY him. <3 <3 <3

  67. Amy Somerton Mason 5 years ago

    Love to journal!! In an off season. Ready to be inspired again!!!!!

  68. Christel Boyd 5 years ago

    I’m struggling a bit at the moment. I love the art, the word but having a hard time sitting down to do it. So I have dropped back and are watching and completing tutorials on until this season passes.

  69. Emily Rodriguez 5 years ago

    In this season I’m so happy that Bible Journaling is not only a Joy but has become a constant sweet remind of the divine romance that He has invited us all to experience. Words just don’t seem to be enough to explain the impact that Bible Journaling and Illustrated Faith have made in my life! I went through a LONG season where getting into the Word was so difficult for because it just wasn’t coming alive. Now… now its like winter is over and I’ve made my way out of the pit and view is just breathtaking! I’ve walked into full time ministry and am now leading a Bible Journaling small group and I owe it all to Him and the IF Community for being so encouraging, inspiring and supportive! Bible journaling in many ways has worked as a defibrillator: a tool that has helped to restore the rhythm of my fibrillating heart.

  70. Elaine Clark 5 years ago

    It’s a struggle for me just to find the time. I have teenagers busy with lots of activities. When I sit down to journal it’s like I’m back in the world of toddlers when you’re on the phone. I’ll get a handle soon enough?

  71. Juliana 5 years ago

    I am new to Bible journaling. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but it is a joy. I am spending more time in his Word and learning more. I am journaling more than I originally expected.

  72. VickieL59 5 years ago

    God. Seasons. Personal walk. Trust. Bible Journaling. Art. Writing. Thoughts. Focus. Trust. Truth. Time. OCD/Perfectionism. Commitment. Trust. Children. Showing the way /through/ actions. Beauty. Calmness. Trust.

    As you can tell, for me, it is relearning how to trust. Learning for the first time – ever – to trust myself. That “God don’t make no junk!” And that “I’m enough!”. Journaling, in art and written word, is teaching me that. To trust Him. To trust me. To trust others.

  73. I have been wanting to learn more about the bible. I was at a women’s retreat this weekend and discovered bible journaling! I also recently told myself I wanted to get back into scrapbooking. So when I discovered this wonderful new way of learning the bible and creating at the same time I felt like it was Gods way of telling me this was my way to learn and do both. I am so excited about this new journey.

  74. leandra trujillo 5 years ago

    In my season I feel extremely blessed to have the time to journal, it opens my mind and heart & it helps me deal with life’s struggles!!

  75. Nicole Frattalone 5 years ago

    I’m a newbie to all this… just got my journaling Bible for Christmas and I just discovered this product line today! Oh the joy I feel as a scrapbooker!!! This contest falls on my birthday too!! 1/29 ??

  76. Hillary Wong 5 years ago

    I love being able to write out how God is speaking to me through His Word (and also being able to make it pretty). =)

  77. David Torres 5 years ago

    Bible journaling is something fairly new that I have to be more comfortable with. It was a struggle because since I only see mostly girls doing this I was scared of what people would say. This past week was an eye opener at church service because art is what I love to do but yet I wanted to give up on it so fast. As i realized that this was my gift from God its amazing to know that I can now do art for His glory! Thank you to everyone who does this and who shows us that its okay to bring the Word to life through art!!!

  78. Bernice Pierre 5 years ago

    I am an avid mixed media artist and crafter and Bible Journaling has become not only a new way to express myself creatively but keeps me in God’s word! I really take time to study the Word and it is my therapy in so many ways as I grow in Faith during a season of my life that is wrought with challenges!

  79. Rachel Faith 5 years ago

    This bible journaling season has been a joy, but it has also been a struggle.I find that i often struggle figuring out what to put on my page. This takes up a good amount of time for me, but once I pray about it and do it,then comes the joy =) I am trying to make a point to set aside at least 30 minutes a day to do this……..and it has been wonderful so far.

  80. Lauren Gebhardt 5 years ago

    I find that I tend to read and reread the same verse when I am creating a artistic journal entry. It’s the calm and quiet time I get with God. I get more peace and joy from illustrating my faith in my Bible than I do most of the other studies I participate in.

  81. Hannah Driggers 5 years ago

    I’m a young bible-journaler, I just started a few months ago and I’m loving it! I have fallen in love with this site and I want everything (not even kidding, lol). I see it as a joy! It is so much fun to be able to praise by artwork.

  82. Gayle Bond 5 years ago

    My Bible journaling is slow but steady right now. Due to some illness and the holidays, I “felt” behind, but thankfully I’m back on track. Looking forward to some new products being available for more inspiration!!

  83. Danielle VanErem 5 years ago

    Journaling is a little bit of a struggle right now. I am back to college again for a new semester with new schedules and craziness. I try to make time and am working my way through the whole bible but sometimes I’m just exhausted. I want to be better, I’m working to make it more of a priority. But for now, I’m living on prayer and working through the struggle!

  84. Sarah Bucek 5 years ago

    It is looking new to me. I’ve completed one page so far and I’m looking forward to this incredible journey!

  85. Naome Fouts 5 years ago

    This season is exciting for me. God is bonding my 12 year old daughter and I with Bible Journaling and Scrapbooking. It is such a blessing to see her creativity shine and share his word with her. I can see him blessing out relationship thru journaling.

  86. Sara V Monge 5 years ago

    I started doing bible journaling thanks to Illustrated Faith and Bella Blvd. Have to say that from all my scrapbooking supplies, these are my favorites. I love making cards with these products! Love love love it!

  87. Jessica Weiss 5 years ago

    Bible journaling in this season of life looks like making sure I find the time to work in my bible each day. It’s a struggle but can be done :)

  88. Michelle Salazar 5 years ago

    My Bible journaling is a joy and pain a joy when I get to have those quiet moments to enjoy but a pain when my days are not mine and I have no quiet moment to enjoy my Bible journaling. . . but life is what is in my day to day life and I enjoy every minute of it!

  89. Dyan K. 5 years ago

    Bible journaling has become a complete joy to me as I am sharing it with others and making wonderful new friendships.

  90. ASHLEY MAY 5 years ago

    Full disclosure: I’ve shopped the day spring site more than I care to admit. Followed all the journaling insta accounts. Ordered all the Faber Castell. Found the perfect journaling bible. Watched a zillion process videos on YouTube. All this to say, I’m TERRIFIED to start my first page!! I can’t figure out which book I want to start in, which collection I’ll use, and worst of all is the looming fear that I’ll ruin my gorgeous bible! I’m working on it though, maybe the next step is picking a day where I can block out some time and just pull the trigger already!

  91. Brooke Lakey 5 years ago

    Loving it!

  92. Karisa Perry 5 years ago

    I just started Bible journaling. It is a huge joy for me as I dive deeper into God’s word.

  93. Cassie Harp 5 years ago

    Bible journaling is something I love so much but am just to scared to jump in and do it. The only entries I’ve made in my bible were traceables. I have such a big fear of messing up and that I won’t be able to fix it!

  94. Lesa Brassette 5 years ago

    My Bible Journaling is a precious, blessed time of sanctuary and worship each time!! Much, much joy

  95. Marijo Napier 5 years ago

    Not a struggle. I am enjoying it even though my artwork may not be framing worthy! I love to think out of the box as I read the Word and try to think of creative ways to “linger longer”!

  96. Anna Rodgers 5 years ago

    In this season, I am enjoying the gift of Bible journaling with my daughters and my grandchildren. It’s a beautiful thing when we are all together studying the truths of God’s Word then creatively expressing how it impacts us as an individual.

  97. Deb Tilbury 5 years ago

    I’ve just discovered Bible Journaling and am searching for a good Bible to start with…was just shopping today. It didn’t see one that spoke to me yet. I’m so excited to start on this path, at a point in my life where I feel like it will be so helpful. Thank you for your inspirational site and would love to win some of these goodies to make a great head start when I get my Bible!

  98. Michelle Bouse 5 years ago

    Healing. My Grama passed away two weeks ago and I immediately started journaling. I have found so much comfort and healing in the creative process and the word. Such a blessing!

  99. Cindee Mook 5 years ago

    This season of bible journaling is about discovering my own personal style and incorporating what the Lord puts on my heart without comparing to others. Don’t we all struggle with that some days? I am so grateful for all the wonderful friends that I have been blessed to meet through this community!!!

  100. Rebekkah Marchbank 5 years ago

    Love Bible Journaling. It helps me remember what God has spoken to me through a particular passage in the Scriptures. It also helps me when I want to share with friends and family what God is teaching me.

  101. Jen Steed 5 years ago

    I love to do it, but don’t get artsy as often as i like. i honestly have trouble finishing the IF devos “on time,” but i usually find it fruitful.

  102. Hannah Faison 5 years ago

    For me Bible journaling has been a time of joy! Every time I get to open my Bible I get so giddy just thinking about what the Lord is going to whisper on my heart. <3

  103. Mayte Gamoneda 5 years ago

    I haven’t started yet, I’ve been contemplating bible journaling for a while, I want to have a strong relationship with God.

  104. Kim Reeder Poole 5 years ago

    There have been a lot of struggles lately and Bible journaling keeps me focused on the Lord and how he would have me respond. It helps me to keep my eyes on him and to trust him to work all things out for my good.

  105. Sarah Reynolds 5 years ago

    This season is a bit of a struggle! I’m very busy with a promotion at work and am not always in the mood to bible journal in the evenings. I’m also lacking inspiration many times. But I’m going to push through it :) I have Goals with Grace and my GOAL is to focus on my one word (Peace) and Bible journal at minimum once a week ❤

  106. Amanda 5 years ago

    Bible journaling has been a joy! I always enjoy it with my daughter and love creating with her and meditating on the Word. It’s such an encouragement.

  107. Carol Nelson 5 years ago

    I am just starting out with bible journaling. I have been gathering supplies. I have been learning about bible journaling by watching lots of process videos on YouTube. Now I’m ready to dive in!

  108. Amanda Huizenga 5 years ago

    The introduction of Bible Journaling for me has really gotten me into my Bible. I grew up in a Christian home, and have been a believer for as long as I can remember, but was never really good about digging into my Bible outside of Sunday. I get so much more excited to read God’s Word and worship in this new way!

  109. Sheryl Moore 5 years ago

    I am a Bible journaling newbie. I’d definitely say it’s a goal with a bit of struggle mixed in for me at this time in my life. I’ve had some rough times of late and just struggling with my connection to God right now. I want to get back to trusting Him more and relying on Him more instead of questioning Him as i do. I really hope this creative journaling process will help strengthen my connection with Him. <3

  110. Glenda Lehrmann 5 years ago

    My season is one of many ideas yet no actual journaling in my Bible. I am in the process of learning how to organize my craft areas and doing what I love. I get discouraged; however, I am learning to be joyful.

  111. Dana Bennett 5 years ago

    For me right now is fairly new to me. My best friend has been by my side. We’ve both been going through a lot and Bible Journaling has helped me and I am introducing my friend to it as well. She and her daughter are very excited about it, as am I. Thank you!!

  112. Kristeen Pennington 5 years ago

    Bible journaling has put meaning back into my scripture and study time. Extending lessons learned into art make it have a connection with my heart and mind that wasn’t there for years. I love looking throughout my bible and remembering how that page came to be and why it was important to journal it. Of course, bible journaling is also fun and creative.

  113. Alicia Tyler 5 years ago

    I just started Bible journaling recently and have fallen in love with the process. I find myself wanting to delve deeper into the Word, and I know that I have journaling to thank for this process. I am more excited to read my devotion and find ways to incorporate my journaling with the lesson I am studying.

  114. Ashley 5 years ago

    Well…Well..Well…In this season Bible Journaling for me has been deep for me, in the word and in art. It’s been amazing to see women all around me begin to start there own Bible Journaling journey. So I would say it’s a season of new fruits for friends and myself. Having the visions pop as I read is such a deep excitement and fulfilling time with the Lord! Truly!

  115. Karen Gentile 5 years ago

    Right now it has been a somewhat busy time. I have been doing the goals devotional for this month, but I have been very busy with an intensive Bible study, working, etc. Hopefully once things get settled down I can do more illustrating.

  116. Amy Self 5 years ago

    I’m obsessed ? My sweet 20 year old boy/girl twins gave me a starter kit for CHRISTmas and I’ve been craving God’s word ever since!

  117. Cathy 5 years ago

    I am fairly new to Bible journaling. I needed prayer in my daily routine. What better way to do this than by incorporating my art in Bible journaling. I feel that I am finding meaning and purpse as I read God’s Word in my devotionals .

  118. April Galbraith 5 years ago

    I’m lovin’ it! Always wishing I could make more uninterrupted time to do it more!

  119. Angeline Peterman 5 years ago

    This season has been about both a joy and a goal. I am working on leading my first small group for bible journaling. I am so excited but also scared to do something new. Bible journaling has kept me close to God and to trust him to keep doing his work.

  120. Sheena 5 years ago

    Just started Bible journaling and I’m hooked! I love that it allows me to be creative while studying the Word. We’ve started a group at my church, and it a great opportunity to connect and grow.

  121. Tabitha Kruse 5 years ago

    Right now in this season of our life, it’s a struggle for me. My husband is away for army things and our little takes most of my time during the day. So bible journaling and most other things ‘for me’ get put on the back burner. The desire is there, just not always the time.

  122. Sara 5 years ago

    It seems like I don’t have enough time for the amount of Bible journaling I want to do! I always look forward to it, and it brings the Word alive in a whole new way! I love art, and creativity so this is something I definitely want to keep doing! I also gain lots of inspiration from the Illustrated Faith team, so thank you! <3

  123. Jackqulynn 5 years ago

    A struggle… ?
    Just trying to pray thru this season to find a balance between it all.

  124. Sandi Pressley 5 years ago

    My struggle is just getting started. These goodies will help jump start my inspiration.

  125. Rebecca Ray 5 years ago

    In this season, I’m only actually creating a Bible journaling page about once a week, but I take notes in my traveler’s notebook, and decorate my notes each day.

  126. Tiffany Mustain 5 years ago

    Bible journaling is a little hard for me right now. I’m new to the concept and trying different things to see what my favorite tools and methods are

  127. Ruth Meder 5 years ago

    It’s a struggle. But not because I don’t want to but because I would love to but get hindered all the time. I really have to fight for it.

  128. Gail Cram-Ptach 5 years ago

    In this season of health, finance, and work difficulties, Bible journaling has helped me with discovering the perfect scripture of God’s word to comfort and guide me through these times…

  129. Joscelyne Cutchens 5 years ago

    It has been far too long since I have been able to make time to do bible journaling in my bible. I am taking sermon notes and writing out devotional notes and prayers. So, i guess it looks like christian life Journaling, just not actually in my bible, yet. I am looking forward to getting back together with the ladies at my church the First Sunday in February when our Bible Journaling group meets up again.

  130. Deborah Poe 5 years ago

    It’s been a little bit of a struggle lately. I’ve always had trouble forming a consistent habit of being in the Word, but I’m hoping to use my Bible Journaling as a way to make that habit stick this year.

  131. Tiffany 5 years ago

    I just recently purchased my first bible journal and completing my first entry. I enjoyed the whole process. If I’m being honest it is a tad nerve racking wince I’m someone who is both a perfectionist and not skilled in drawing (unless it’s a stick figure) :)

  132. Vanessa Casad 5 years ago

    It’s a struggle for me right now to spend time journaling, or with God, for that matter. It comes down to time and priorities. I have to get things back in the right order!

  133. Jerrilee Robinson 5 years ago

    I have been in a bit of a slump, but a friend recently started a bi-weekly get-together at her house with a few friends. We bring our Bibles, a few supplies, one person does a devotional on a verse(s) that means something to her and then we all work on illustrating that verse. If someone has already journaled that verse, they work on something else. Praying that this will “get my fire burning” again to journal the Word.

  134. Melissa Ward 5 years ago

    I’m a newbie! So new in fact, I am going to get my journaling Bible tomorrow. As a scrapbooker/cardmaker/crafter, I think it’s great that they have a special Bible just for this. I’m so excited and can’t wait to get started!

  135. Jaki 5 years ago

    Bible journaling helps me draw out and focus on the nuggets of truth that the Holy Spirit is speaking to me.

  136. Donna Berry 5 years ago

    It has been such a joy. In the beginning I have to say that it was hard, but as I made my Bible journaling a part of my worship regarding my Bible studies, it has taken on so much more meaning and unveiling of Christ love for me.

  137. Jenni 5 years ago

    I’m struggling with not making it a priority, but have a goal to carve out more purposeful time for a special project I’m working on for my two teenage children involving bible journaling.

  138. Savannah Renas 5 years ago

    Bible Journaling has been the biggest blessing in my life. It has encouraged me everyday to get into God’s Word and pursue a creative outlet. It’s also brought my mom and I closer since it’s our favorite activity to do together. Thank you for bringing the Word alive and creatively connected to people all over the world.

  139. Cynthia Arwood 5 years ago

    I don’t have a journal Bible yet! I wish one would come out in the Message version, but until then I suppose all I can do for now is buy an ESV. My birthday is in February, so I hope to get one then.

  140. Allison Russell 5 years ago

    Its a struggle. I think I have some good starter tools to start Bible Journaling but still just dont know where to start. I think I look at all of IllustratedFatih IG, DaySpring, BellaBlvd and get discourged. PRayerfully these new hexies may give me just he boost I need.

  141. Teresa 5 years ago

    For me, bible journaling is pure joy. I treasure the time I get to spend in the scriptures.

  142. Nicole Freeman 5 years ago

    Honestly it’s been a bit of a struggle. I want what I journal to have special meaning so I think I am always looking for that “perfect” thing to journal. When I don’t have that “aha this is it!” about something to journal I find my bible just sitting there and me never journaling anything at all. My laptop died a little while back and I recently just got a desktop so I am hoping that I can give myself a boost to jump on in after I print some of the cute printables that I have!

  143. Journaling has been life changing for me. I can’t live without it, I am so grateful that Someone (Shauna) made it a thing and God led me to it. I am not an artist, but I don’t have to be. I just have to live to create.

  144. Susan Fichter 5 years ago

    In this wonderful season of my life called “retirement” I am loving the additional time I have to dwell more in the Word and journal about it.

  145. Gina Mazanec 5 years ago

    It’s a busy season and I am having to set specific time allocations and goals to get my Bible Journaling in.

  146. Hannah Holman 5 years ago

    For me, I’ve been bible journaling way more this season! I started a challenge to read the bible in one year, and its helping me bible journal more often! I love it!

  147. Arelis Morales 5 years ago

    I would say it is a challenge for me. I sometimes get too distracted and end up not having time for important things like spending a lot of time in the Bible. I’d say I read the Bible in a regular basis but this has pushed my compromise with reading and interacting with it a lot more. I love Bible journaling because of the great times I can have in God’s presence while doing art and reading the Bible.

  148. Melinda Rae 5 years ago

    My goal for this year is to get closer to God through Bible Journaling. I am excited! I have made a new group of friends that are also taking this new journey with the Word. I pray that the Holy Spirit guides me and we can involve new faces to join us in following Jesus as God’s disciples!

  149. Krissy G 5 years ago

    I started bible journaling last year but allowed it to fall by the wayside because of surgery and various health issues and the joys of being a single mom with 2 very active boys. This year I am determined to do better. I am doing this in one special bible for my children. I have an incurable & terminal neurologic disease so I want to leave this bible to them so they can see how God spoke to me. Should God allow me the time I would like to do a bible for each one.

  150. Tara Rice 5 years ago

    It has been such a struggle for me to have time to bible journal with a one year old who isn’t the best napper. My goal is to be in the word every day, even for just 15 min but block out a few times a week to journal what I have been reading. Right now, bible journaling is throwing a few stickers on there and maybe some stamping. Less is more when I’m pressed for time. It’s one of my favorite things to do, even if I can only spend a few minutes creating.

  151. Susan Pedroza 5 years ago

    I love journaling in my Bible and Travelers Notebook. The only thing holding me back is our new mini doxie puppy. It is like having a new baby and I am 61! My new lifegroup starts up this week and we will be introducing Bible journaling! Just ordered my new IF kit too!

  152. Michelle Bevis 5 years ago

    Bible journaling during this season has been a joy and a goal. I don’t always get to journal each day, but I have found that I still meditate each day on scripture even though I may not have time to put those thoughts down. My goal is to let go of the notion that I have make every entry a detailed illustration. What is important is the message of what God is trying to teach me, and that is what I should focus on.

  153. Ms.JoGrant 5 years ago

    Right now my bible journaling is a goal. I have purchased some supplies to get started. Now I just have to send a prayer to the holy spirit to guide me on this journey. I really don’t know where to begin. I figure for this time around I will just read the bible simply starting at Matthew. Whatever touches my heard will be what I Journal about. Eventually I would like to delve deep into the word to really know the ins and outs of the messages being given.

  154. Maria Muresan 5 years ago

    Bible Journaling to me in this season right now is a way for me to connect and recharge. Right now is just a super busy time, and I feel like I’m being pulled in a million different directions. So it is so nice to just sit and rest and create with Him, in His word.

  155. Melissa Burud 5 years ago

    It’s a struggle for me because of time. If I had more time I could actually work on it. So far I’m a newbie but I’m hoping that changes soon.

  156. Christa Adair 5 years ago

    Bible journaling is truly a joy for me right now! I’m love love loving it!

  157. Heidi Petterson 5 years ago

    Loving it like crazy and though the year started off a bit rough I stuck it out with God’s strength and held my ground against the devil’s efforts. He doesn’t have power when I know Jesus is my kinsman Redeemer and I spend time with Him daily!

  158. Dawn Finley 5 years ago

    Right now I’ve been consistently journaling for the past 3 months and it is such a joy to sit in the morning and have quiet time with my Lord. Thank you for the chance.

  159. Debbie Minter 5 years ago

    Bible journaling is new to me and a goal. Thank you for the inspiration.

  160. Anne DeHart 5 years ago

    It’s a joy!!!

  161. Elizabeth Law 5 years ago

    Bible Journaling for me at the moment is a necessity. It’s helping me feel closer to God through a stressful time away from home, and is a way of carving out even just a little bit of time each day to forget my worries and give all to God :)

  162. krystal 5 years ago

    I would say in this season of my bible journaling I am growing. Growing on my walk with God, in my faith and in studying His word and applying it in my life.

  163. Kelly Thompson 5 years ago

    I am in love with all the beautiful Bible journaling I see but I am not the artist like those that have drawn me to Bible journaling. I still plan to do it but it has been a challenge both in time and creativity.

  164. Adriene Saisslin 5 years ago

    I’m in a very challenging season currently. Bible Journaling has also been a challenge during this season.

  165. Andrea Acosta 5 years ago

    Mine has been slow. I’ve been weary, and instead of creating, I’m sitting with what I’m reading and feeling, and marking it.

  166. Heather Hefner 5 years ago

    My journaling is a joy for me in this moment. I’ll elaborate to say that it’s a means for solace and comfort in this season. I love that I can hide my heart away in the pages of my bible and leave it there on the page for the Lord. It gives me joy to look back and see where He’s brought me and taken me and the path we’ve been travelling together.

  167. Heather Lee 5 years ago

    Love bible journaling! Just had Amber Bolton in our church last week and she has inspired me and about 40 other gals to dive in! I dabbled a bit for about a year now, but after going through the Inspire workshop – I received so many cool tools to take it up a notch!

  168. Sarah 5 years ago

    I am a fan of these shapes! The round circles are great but aren’t as spacially forgiving as these will be! I sometimes find myself running out of space and need just that little something extra to fit my sticker or dye cut in. These edgy pieces will be super helpful for me to get that oh-so-critical last piece of flair to fit on my page.

  169. Carley Hanlon 5 years ago

    Bible journaling has been a struggle with the new semester being crazy, but allows me to rest in his sweet truth during this time<3

  170. Jodi Faust 5 years ago

    Bible journaling is such a joy to me in this season of my life. I struggle with perfection – so I’m learning to let go & let God…which is bringing me so much joy in turning everything over to Him. And I’m meeting new people…which is also bring me joy. Joy! Joy!! Joy!!!

  171. Pam Whitehead 5 years ago

    I Love It!!!!!!!!! I’m still learning!!!!!!!!!!! I Bible Journal on mix media paper book. I want to learn to do it in a Bible too. I’m planning to start dong that very soon!!!!!!!!! :)

  172. Grace 5 years ago

    I have just started Bible Journaling. But for me so far I have loved being able to worship God through being creative. It is a Joy!

  173. Amy White 5 years ago

    I haven’t been finding the time I’d like to spend in bible journaling recently… work has been so busy and a drain on not only time but mental and emotional space. God has been showing me that bible journaling is my Selah or Sabbath time – much needed time creating in His Word to connect with my Heavenly Father and recharge my batteries.

  174. Monika Alston-Miller 5 years ago

    After a really great year of Bible journaling, I feel like I’m ending a season of transition into something new this month. Last year my Bible journaling reflected a lot of different studies and techniques. This season I’m approaching I think will be focused on just a few themes. This may also be the season I begin a Bible for/ with my son!

  175. Amanda Knutson 5 years ago

    It’s a little struggle and joy. I love being creative, but it’s hard for me to do it. It’s not something that comes naturally.

  176. Nichole Walser 5 years ago

    Honestly, in this current season, it is a struggle for me. I am in the Word, daily, via my YouVersion Bible plan (84% of the way through reading the whole Bible! Woohoo!) I love Bible journaling, but I tend to not think I’m very gifted creatively, so I think I am my own stumbling block. Every time I do it, I am pleased with the results, but I need to remember that it’s not about ME as much as it’s about what GOD is wanting to speak to my heart.

  177. Emily 5 years ago

    Bible journaling is an often quick, but meaningful way for me to spend time in the word and continue to develop my relationship with God. During this busy season of motherhood, it is often a balancing act between quiet time with Him and taking care of little ones. However busy I am, I know it is so important for me to connect with Him on a daily basis. Journaling has allowed me to intentionally set time aside for God and more times than not, it is that quiet time that gets me through the daily struggles that come with being a mommy.

  178. Sharon Click 5 years ago

    For me Bible journaling is both a struggle and a joy. It’s a struggle to carve out the time as I’ve been very this month serving in a retreat and traveling. It also has been a great joy spending time with my Savior journaling what He has put in my heart.

  179. Sheena Pritchard 5 years ago

    Although I still feel under confident about bible journaling, over the last few weeks I’ve become reinvigorated, and super excited to be spending the time with God in the Word.

  180. Dawn Casas 5 years ago

    It’s super exciting for me right now! My family just moved, and I couldn’t find my Bible journaling box for 2 weeks! I love to Bible journal every morning before school (we homeschool) and I was really missing it. I’m thankful for the opportunity to express myself through art and draw closer to God while I’m doing it!

  181. Jordan Taylor 5 years ago

    Right now, Bible journaling has been very far and few between– I’m just in a season right now where I don’t have the time to do it much, and I’ve been focusing on reading and studying scripture instead. When I do journal though, it’s usually to illustrate what I’m learning or a quote from church/my bible study.

  182. Becky Dawson-Marble 5 years ago

    Right now, bible journaling is a struggle for me. I struggle to set aside time to spend in God’s word, and I know this is something I need to work on. When I do find that time, I love bible journaling and I am so thankful that I put a pause on my day to spend time worshiping. Not too long ago, it was a joy, and I can’t wait to find that again.

  183. Karla Perez 5 years ago

    At this moment in my life, I don’t Bible Journal as much as I would like. So it is my goal to journal at least 3 days out of the week. That ways at least I am doing it about every other day with the ultimate goal being every day.

  184. Diana Styborski 5 years ago

    I haven’t found a church in my new town yet, so right now bible journaling is a way for me to still connect to God and refocus.

  185. Shannon Godfrey 5 years ago

    At this season in my life, Bible Journaling is a joy and my goal! My goal for this year is to be more intentional about spending time in the Word and Bible Journaling is my favorite way to do that. I love illustrating in my Bible and fine that it makes me want to spend more and more time in His Word!

  186. Hailey Williams 5 years ago

    It’s been a goal lately, life’s been busy so I’m trying to bible journal more often!

  187. Catherine Darkins 5 years ago

    Bible Journaling for me is a place of dwelling. Making time to bible journal is so important for me to be able to stay focused in my walk with God. Without making that time I just wouldn’t function as well!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway. I’m excited for some hexie love!

  188. tina smith 5 years ago

    i wouldnt say a struggle I am still learning and developing my own style and it brings me great joy and gives me time with God to rest and listen to Him.

  189. Ashlynn Bergman 5 years ago

    Bible journaling for me this season has been growing and making it a habit, finding joy in the process not the product

  190. kimvillalona 4 years ago

    A new season – first time bible journal-er so i am so excited to get started and see how God leads.

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