Hi there sweet friends!!!! We are back!!! And EXCITED to share some things we have been working on!!!

This time of year is a time of reflection, goal setting and vision casting! I LOVE IT! I love every bit of the freshness I feel this time of year, and excitment for what God has in store for us!!

One of the things I hear from so many of you is ” I wish I had time to bible journal” so I wanted to start the year off speaking from the heart and sharing some goal setting I am doing with my bible journaling. Before I share I wanted to say that I know bible journaling isn’t for everyone or that you may be in a different season and I totally get that, but I encourage you to set some goals for yourself (which may look different then mine) for your season, for your hopes and for where you want to put the effort into your spiritual life in 2017!!

|  ONE  |

In 2016 I bible journaled nearly every day (a couple days missed here and there) and I can SEE THE HUGE impact this has had on my life. I see those bible sitting on my table, in my car, on my nightstand and they are all falling apart, paint stained, and imperfect and I am so thankful for each and every moment I have spent in them with Him. They are each so different, some of the bibles took me a year to work through but this last one only took 6 months, and in those 6 months MAN I NEEDED it!!!!! I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me in His amazing WORD in 2017! #illustratedfaithdaily2017

|  TWO  |

 2016 was a HUGE year for our bible journaling kits! They went from us struggling to keep up with demand to partnering with an amazing company and being able to get these kits into the hands of those who wanted them while still having those in our community share their heart through these impactful devotionals and beautiful art! My goal for 2017 is to personally dig even deeper into these devotionals, I think it is easy to take them at face value when we are running short on time but they have so much to share and I want to really take advantage of that this year! If you haven’t joined us for one, now is the PERFECT time, we have changed the format of our kits and the Jan kit is all about goal setting with grace!!! It’s a must! <3

 |  THREE  |

In 2017 I want to try NEW TECHNIQUES!!!! Honestly I think this is something I am always striving for! Think that just as in our faith it is important to not get stuck in a rut, but to continue to learn and stretch in our art as well! What are some new things you would like to try this year?

|  FOUR  |

Some of you may know that I get to travel all over the world teaching bible journaling (YAY!!! YIPEE!!!!) and you may also know that I moved in 2016 to Washington state – one of my goals for 2017 is to share bible journaling and build community with those in my neighborhood and new church! To be honest even though I teach others I am often invited lol so this is a bit different as I have to be brave enough to share without that invitation, which I know so many of you do so well! I have a couple of the starter kits set aside, as these are PERFECT for sharing with a small group and now I am just praying over this opportunity!

Illustrated Faith - Starter Kit

|  FIVE  |

A goal that my husband shared with me earlier this year is to have more people journal in my bible. I am so thankful to have so many people walk beside me in this journey and I want to see them there in my pages. When people ask me to do this when I am teaching I often am shy about it, it’s THEIR bible I don’t want to “mess” it up which is silly, but I am just so carefree about spilled paint and messy stamps and I know not everyone feels the same, but now I get it, I get why that is so important! I am starting this at CHA and fun a fun project in mind so if you are there make sure to stop by!!!

|  SIX  |

In 2017 I want to unsubscribe to any limits or boxes I have out around bible journaling, I want to be open to what He has for not only myself and my time in the bible but for how I teach bible journaling with others!


Ok, can we be honest? Almost every year I make a goal to send more #happymail and most often – I fail! But sending sweet little notes in the mail could NOT be easier and MAKES a person’s day. You know what my problem is? I think I over complicate it. I want it to be a present or to be adorable but the truth is that keeps me from sending anything. Bible journaling goes far beyond the bible, I also think it is important to take that and share that with others and happy mail is the perfect way to do that!! To keep it simple I will be using the Illustrated Faith cards along with some other cards sets from DaySpring that are simple, easy and most importantly will help bring a smile to someone’s face!Illustrated Faith - Wow God - 50 Correspondence Cards

|  EIGHT  |

You know that old saying #practicewhatyoupreach ? Well sometimes I am guilty of that. You know how I am always telling you guys to enjoy the process and not worry about the product? Well #truth? Sometimes I worry about the product!!! I think because I am sharing with you guys, making a video or writing and article I worry about the end product and if it will inspire anyone, but the truth is I need to break those chains. It really isn’t my goal to have MYSELF inspire you but for you to be inspired by Him and I need to keep that in mind in 2017 and really enjoy the process more!

|  NINE  | 

Get back into my planner and notebook!!! In the past two months I have been really focusing on my bible and bible journaling and even though YES THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with that! The truth is I do enjoy documenting my faith outside of my bible as well and two of my favorite place to do that is in my faith planning ( writing out each day what I hope to do in my study etc, always open to His plans as well ) and in my journal cover where I keep my devotionals and notebooks to document this amazing journey!

Illustrated Faith - Refillable Traveler's Journal, Canvas

|  TEN  | 

10 and maybe the most important one, I want to put all these goals, my ideas and hopes second to His! Sometimes (as I think many of us can speak to) we set our goals and we just look down until we achieve these goals but we must always look up! He may have a different course to us, and in my experience that course is something I always look back on and say #wowGOD!!

With that, I hope you see my heart, and I hope you will join me! What goals do you have for your bible journaling in 2017?  I can’t wait to see what He has in store for us in 2017!!!

xox Shanna Noel

  1. Cloudy 6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing your goals and being real:) Can’t wait to receive my kit any day now. I am loving the new look, stickers and pouch! Happy 2017!

  2. Monika 6 years ago

    These are great! Praying you have a powerful year in the Word!

  3. Jennifer Zicherman 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this love! I cannot wait to see wait 2017 has in store Illustrated Faith. And I’m super excited to hear you mention more about documenting your faith outside of your Bible. I always wonder if you fill your devotional TN and what it would look like and what your planner looks like.

    Thank your for continuing to inspire me artistically and for your help in revitalizing and strengthening my bond with God.



  4. Angie B 6 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this! You share SO generously of yourself, including what God shows you! It’s probably not easy to always be open with such a fast-growing community, but your authenticity and graciousness are such a blessing to us! THANK You! I keep counting backwards the days from last Thursday to figure out when my kits will be here! hooray!!! :)

    Grateful for you!
    Angie B. in Kansas (COME BACK!!) :)

  5. Melissa 6 years ago

    Enjoyed reading these goals & plans for 2017. I taught a lot of illustrated Bible journaling workshops in 2016 & also found myself focusing on the product on occasion as I created. I’m taking a break and enjoying just journaling in my Bible whenever and however I’m inspired right now. I love spending time with the Lord this way and am looking forward to a year of drawing closer to Him!

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