Don’t check the calendar, you are right, it’s not December and #gratitudedocumented is officially over but I really wanted to do a re-cap post and share my entries, mostly because I believe projects like these are truly about the project as a whole and not as much about the individual pages, I LOVE the end when you get to look back and see the FULL journey of what God was taking you on!










gratitudedocumented_day9 gratitudedocumented_day10_print gratitudedocumented_day11 gratitudedocumented_day12 gratitudedocumented_day13 gratitudedocumented_day14

gratitude_day15 gratitude_day16

gratitudedocumented_day18 gratitudedocumented_day19 gratitudedocumented_day20

gratitude_day21 gratitude_day22 gratitude_day23 gratitude_day24 gratitude_day25 gratitude_day26 gratitude_day27 gratitude_day28 gratitude_day29 gratitude_day30


I share this with you not because I LOVE every single page, or that I am saying LOOK AT ME…. but rather… #wowGod… LOOK AT HIM! Look at what HE does, I am so thankful for each day of gratitude and the fact that I have it documented. Sure there are pages that are my faves, or ones I wish were different but it is the collective project that just makes my heart smile!!

We would love to have you join us for this month’s kit, it’s going to be an amazing month and we hope to walk along side you as we focus on the reason for the season!!!


xox Shanna Noel

P.S. Have I told you lately how THANKFUL I am for you!? Cuz I am… deeply! ox

  1. Ruth Meder 5 years ago

    I totally love that wave!

  2. Heidi Petterson 5 years ago

    So great, Shanna! I love all of them. And I know He loves the time you spent with Him, too. For me, discovering Bible art has been a life changer. Thank you for being one of the pioneers of this community!

  3. Nancy Dettman 5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this post. I was not able to do the 30 Days of Gratitude. You have inspired me to make this a 2017 priority. Thank you for all you do for all of us through Him. You are a blessing.

  4. Sandra Rose 5 years ago

    Liked the black and white was fun to color ( like post of November 2). Also loved the prompts with plenty of space to do journaling in the devotional. Perfect for a gratitude month.

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