Greetings!  I pray that you are all well and enjoying the first day Advent.  I have to admit I jumped a bit ahead.  The Make Room advent book from Naptime Diaries has been waiting for me to peek in since October!  

Advent is just my favorite season.  It’s a time to really look at your heart and prepare room for the biggest celebration of all — the birth of Christ!   

Well, I peeked in and, smack!  The first thing I find is a reminder that my heart is, well, messy and my priorities are mixed up.

MESSY House IF Advent _20151120_designsbyamybruce_02

I spend too much time on the to-do lists of life, tidying my home being one of them, and too little time letting God bless my heart and mind with His healing order and truth.  

Becky Keife points to the story in Luke 10:38-42.  In the story, Jesus visits the home of two sisters, Mary and Martha.  When Jesus arrived, Mary wanted to spend all of her time sitting at His feet, absorbing, listening, and resting in His presence.  Martha, on the other hand, was focused on serving and was busy preparing and working.  Frankly, Mary ticked Martha off.  Martha wanted help!  She wanted Mary to pay attention to the to do list!  You know what Jesus said when she complained, “Mary has chosen the right thing.”  Basically, leave her alone.

People have often told me me I am Mary and Martha rolled into one; but lately, I think I have been too much of a Martha and I need more Mary.  I don’t think I am alone.  Becky Keife writes,

“…a messy house is better than a messy heart.”

BAM.  There is the truth.  One that needs to be documented.  One that I don’t want to forget.  Perfect for Bible journaling!  Here’s my process:

I prepped my page with clear gesso and used a clear page protector to keep it from going onto the pages behind.  Once dry, I taped the page to the clear sheet to keep the edges from curling while I worked.

I started with the ideas God gave me and sketched them loosely on a pad of paper.  I wanted a graphic, simple message without illustration.

MESSY House IF Advent_20151120_designsbyamybruce_03

After sketching a draft, I collected the supplies and began to lay out the lettering on a clear sheet.  I love the Bella Blvd sticker sheets.  They come in yummy colors and have just the right thickness.  

MESSY House IF Advent_20151120_designsbyamybruce_04

I added some black block letters from my stash.  I didn’t have all the right upper and lower case letters from one sheet so I mixed them up.   I liked the contrast and the “messy” feeling it produced.  I love how God works His message in even more completely when we use what He provides.  I cut out a heart from my favorite Geli Plate handcrafted paper.

Once I had the basic design of the sticker lettering, I added the handwritten script words.

MESSY House IF Advent_20151120_designsbyamybruce_05

I added washi tape to the edges of my pages.  I do this so that I can easily find pages that I have illustrated and I like the color it adds.  Lastly, I highlighted the story of Mary and Martha, added the author of the quote and Advent 2015.

Messy House IF Advent_20151125_designsbyamybruce_06

Well, there you have it.  

Determine with me to prioritize God and spending time with him this Advent.

Let’s let Him “tidy” our hearts so we have more room for Jesus.

Blessings, hope, and peace – amy


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  1. Kelly 6 years ago

    This is great. I can very much relate to this. I to definitely spend a lot of time being the Martha. I really like the simplicity of your journaling and the message behind it.

    • Author
      Amy Bruce 6 years ago

      Blessings for both of us that be less Martha and more Mary this Christmas! Thank you for your comment!

  2. MamaCake 6 years ago

    Love the simple beauty of your page Amy <3

  3. Genie 6 years ago

    Perfectly said, now I am really ready to get the beautiful advent season started.
    Thank you for a wonderful reminder.

  4. Pam 6 years ago

    I am anxious to begin work in my advent journal. I am trying to complete the last of my Wow God journal. I have signed up for the news letter, but never received it. I have gotten my last scriptures from my daughter since I didn’t receive mine. Could you please send me the final scriptures so that I can complete my first journal? Also, is there any way you could check to see why I am not receiving my mail from you? Thank you so very much. I did check spam, nothing is there.

    • Author
      Amy Bruce 6 years ago

      Hello Pam! I am so sorry you have been having trouble. I will try to get your concerns to the right place my friend. Many blessings! amy

  5. Stephanie 6 years ago

    I love how this turned out! My pastor just preached on this section of scripture a few weeks ago. :)

  6. Clare 6 years ago

    I love this! I’ve been catching up on older posts, and this really spoke to me.

    When I get home from work now, after greeting my husband, I head to the kitchen to do my journalling (the table is my workspace!), but I’ve been feeling so guilty about not doing some housework first (he does a lot during the day as he works from home)… thank you for this! I may have to put this phrase up in my kitchen as a reminder!

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