Do you ever feel like you’re grateful for the same thing over and over again. Sometimes in my journal I will express my gratitude, and they pretty much are repetitive. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. There is never a wrong way of giving your deepest love to those who matter the most. I wanted my reflection to be fun, my style, but also known of what I am truly grateful for. They may seem very basic, but my other pages and dairies go more into depth. So I wanted to make this few fun and exciting.

During the beginning of the video I do also show new items from the illustrated faith etsy store! Travelers Notebooks are my ultimate favorite and when I heard that Shanna was creating these inserts, I literally squealed at the first photo I seen in true excitement!! So check out the new items that’s in store.

As time goes on and just being on this amazing team for less than a month, I feel myself heading in the right direction. I know God has shined his light to share my talent with you amazing friends out there. I will try my best to give you different techniques on how I express myself to the Lord, and here’s a new one. Fun with a mix of girly. There is no wrong way to document your faith. Whether it’s embellishments, painting, or a good ol pen to the paper journaling, everyone is different, and here I am today sharing you my documentation. Until next time, stay blessed.


  1. Amy Bruce 8 years ago

    Your process video made me smile BIG

  2. Michelle Martelli 8 years ago

    I really enjoyed you video, it gave me some more ideas and options with the mixed media. Made me smile as well.

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