We want our great big community to get to know our artists a little better so we are going to feature them one by one here on the blog! First up is Miss Allie! We were so happy when she agreed to answer a few interview questions for us to find out a little more about one of our wonderful artist collaborators! 

Illustrated Faith: Tell us a little about yourself! 

Allie: I’m Allie from Allie Scraps, a graphic designer, scrapbooker, planner girl, & someone who paints in her Bible! I’m from the middle of Ohio, where I get to hang out with my amazing husband, tiny fur baby-cat Rue, & our first baby on the way! By day, I work for my mega-church designing cool graphics & hanging out with middle school & high school girls. And by night, I run Alexandra Rae Design & Allie Scraps!

Allie and ben
IF: How did you get started in your art?
Allie: I’ve always been super creative– always wanting to create my next art project. I remember my mom clearing out a huge cabinet in our kitchen so that I could always have my art supplies within reach. I was always particiating in art programs, & at summer camp, Arts & Crafts was always my chosen activity. In high school, I took the academic route more than an “art” route, until my senior year when I finally got a chance to take “real” art classes … & it was amazing. Thanks to amazing art teachers & an amazing newspaper advisor, I switched my college major from teaching to graphic design… & now I get to make pretty pictures for a living. It’s a dream come true. While I can’t be AS creative as I would like while designing at work, I love coming home & making art, & I feel so blessed to call this my job.

IF: How has your faith played a role in your creative journey?
Allie: While I’ve always been creative, I’ve never been THE most talented person with art. . . & I used to have this notion that in order for something to be your Godly gift, you had to be the BEST at it. I was convinced that skills I’d cultivated, like graphic design, weren’t my Godly gifts– don’t ask me why! It wasn’t until I started working at my church that I realized that my skills could be used to GLORIFY God, & that was what made them gifts! I’d always felt that I wasn’t “good enough” at something to bring it forward to God… & joining in the Illustrated Faith community has turned that perspective completely on it’s head. While I still get nervous approaching God with my “gifts” (& I still get nervous painting in my Bible, I’m not going to lie– “What if it’s not GOOD enough?” And even more nervous to SHARE what I’ve brought to God) but the journey of my faith through my art & design work the past couple of years has been the biggest growth of my faith that I’ve experienced in my entire life.

Recipe Binder


IF: Show us a few of your very favorite things you’ve designed.
Allie: Since I haven’t been playing around in my Bible very long, most of my favorite things are digital scrapbook pages– I love using digital glitter & paint to make pages that reflect me!

Show me your brave


IF: Share something surprising about yourself that people might not know!
Allie: Even though I’m very bubbly & “outgoing” and always willing to try new things & meet new people… I’m actually very much an introvert that needs to recharge alone… usually with a book outside on our deck! :)

Beach_introvert time
IF: What are your most favorite scripture passages?
Allie: My all time favorite passage is Jeremiah 11:29:

“’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope & a future.’”

I love this one, because it reminds me that God’s plan is so much better than what I have planned for myself– & I’m a planner who loves lists, so I always think my plan is best! ;)

IF: What is the one Illustrated Faith product you can’t live without?
Allie: I’m more than slightly obsessed with the adorable washi (especially the hearts one! swooooon!) but I’ve also recently purchased the Wild Love devotional book, & that might be my new favorite thing, ever!


We hope you enjoyed a peek into Allie’s adorable creative life! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for interviews from all of our Better Together Artist Team Members! You won’t want to miss them! 

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  2. Robin Marshall Clark 4 years ago

    This was great! I love the quote about being creative- just what I needed to hear right now. I’m looking forward to all you have to share with us at IF!

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